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Playtest Test Server

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I'm sure a true test server exists for in-house testers, but I would love a test server for playtests. Give me a server not linked to any other (no spirit bank and uses account clones so we don't affect our skill trees on the other playtest servers) where all skills can be instantly trained or untrained. I would love to test many of the skills in the skill tree without having to wait 100 days to get to the skills I want to test. Also, this will allow many of us to start testing early-game balancing, mid-game balancing, and end-game balancing. The normal servers are currently testing how it would play out 3 to 6 months into release, as old players have many skills trained and new players have none. We need a test server to test how play would be after 2-3 years. Or how release would be with the current changes (everyone starts with no skills trained, but with current patch).

Many suggestions being made are being requested due to the players comparing themselves to other players who have been around for a while and have had their skills training for months (I mentioned in another topic that it is more like comparing "apples to apple pies" rather than "apples to oranges", apples being unrefined and apple pies being refined). Testing needs to use the scientific method in order to be accurate. We need to cut out many of the unknowns or turn them into knowns. The largest unknown variables are the skills of the other players. I do not have access to their accounts so I won't be able to know what skills they trained and now am unable to make accurate assessments.

I only suggest new additions to the game and then get yelled at by the community for wanting to change the game too much, even though suggesting new additions is pretty much all we can do as of now as a playtester. I have not once suggested any sort of balance change due to the reasoning above. How can anyone suggest any balance change when they are testing with so many variables unknown to them?

As an example, let's say I start a game at level 1, and face someone level 50 right from the start. I don't know their level and they don't know mine, so when they kill me, I assume that whatever class they are playing is too OP and must be nerfed! What I don't realize, as a new player, is that the other player had skills trained that I don't have yet and they are wearing gear and I am naked.

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