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Flammable Marmots

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Man there are some really spiffy looking guilds recruiting. 

My name for quite a few years is Srathor. Not many will know me unless you were in Lemming Juice, Pandamonium, Adeptus Titanicus, or the Original Flammable Marmots. All of these guilds were in Wow on the Earthen Ring Server. Or if we set the wayback machine In EQ on the E Marr Server I was known as Snoww Silverhammer. And the Guild leader of Lost Legion, and Drowned Legion.

I have a long history of playing these games. Pvp, PvE, it doesn't matter, I kinda sucked at the pvp part but I tried really hard. Anyways all of these other guilds want the best and the brightest, they want the killers, the mover and the shakers. I would like something different, Lemming Juice was an Island of Misfit Toys guild. Flammable Marmots will be and has always been the same. 

If you are bad at games I want you on my team. If you get lost I will help show you the way along with the others. If you screw up I will growl and gripe and help you find out what happened. I want the Island of Misfit Toys, I want the Hufflepuffs, the tryhards, the round pegs that fit into square holes. I will ally with people who are not dicks. I will expect decent manners, and if you are cruel or rude you will be talked to, then warned, then kicked. I care not if you are lost, recently drowned because you autoran into a river, or fell off any high spaces following my dumb ass off a cliff like the Lemmings used to. I care not if you never learn to get out of the fire, like my Marmots were famous for, you are wanted and needed.

Anyone is welcome, but nice does not mean a doormat, sure we might suck, sure we might charge the wrong way and have the wrong weapons in our bags, sure we will die in droves striving to die the most in a single battle. But Our blood stains will not run, the spleen you slip on will let us fall on you like the wave of Flammable Marmots we are and you might have to get a bandage!

So like Rar and stuff. Fear our gathering might and all that. And if you are not a hooligan and see a Marmot walking into a wall somewhere please lead them back to where they belong. 

With us.

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I'd join up, but I'm pretty sure I'd just get lost trying to find you guys.  Truth told, I was wandering, searching for some Marmots of Flammability, when I found a tavern.  With beer.  I think I'm still drunk.  Who shot that arrow?

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