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Are purchased EK parcels pay to win?

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21 hours ago, xpiher said:

that simply isn't going to happen because

1) There are basically 3 or 4 distinct play styles in the game that have little to no interaction with each other: Faction PvP, Guild Faction PvP, Guild PvP, and Arena PvP (nothing in this game is strict PvE hence not mentioning it). Because there is little overlap between these among the dying worlds, these will essentially be distinct communities. 
2) We already know gear decay is steep
4) Unless I'm mistaken, there will be auction house like systems.

At the end of the day its all PvP and I don't see how guild faction pvp interacts with Arena, presuming arena PvP is located in a hosted EK that is ran by players in which case the reward would've had to be crafted by a player, gathered by a player, traded between players presumably gotten from a campaign world that you guessed it more players fought in for the control of those said resources.

The other types of PvP listed are generally dealt with in their own respective campaign bands and the communities will grow and die in that band as player move from band to band and campaign to campaign as they play. Some will play one band exclusively others shall not. The overlap between the dying worlds are the players since they can only eek out a temporary community in the actual campaign before its permanently destroyed requiring players to migrate and set up shop elsewhere to repeat the process.

Lots of interaction between various groups and communities at this point.

Yea its steep, gear needs to decay to keep crafters viable, and needed. Otherwise we end up with glut, and a thousand spare trash swords to add to your massive trash sword heap.

to hell with the auction house. It removes interaction between players. Need that shiny new sword, but only have the resources, and can't craft? Barter time.


6 hours ago, Slashin8r said:

1) Pretty sure you are wrong here. The Devs have stressed on many occasions that the EKs will interact with the CWs. There may be some with a lot less interaction or maybe even zero (I honestly doubt any campaign will have no interaction at all with the EKs).


EK interaction will be what players make of it. Just like everything else, some will use it extensively others will not. I'm certain there will be many who will use the EK to organize, craft and trade in an attempt to uncle bob other campaigns that allow for that and then there will be players who will not touch the ek's at all. Every player has the option to utilize or ignore it as they see fit. In the end they have the option.

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"Does the phrase "pay to win" have any objective meaning at all?"            - "No." "Are thread titles posed as questions always click-bait?"            - "Yes."

Barbie's Dream House isnt Pay to Win.  It is there because too many tears were spilt and people quit when you destroyed their cities in SB.  Now you get to keep your castle and lick your wounds after

Id rather be a GOAT Open World PvPer than the best arena PvPer any day.  The rewards are just better.  Arena gives you bragging rights.  Open World PvP gives me things like salty tears and all the pha

9 hours ago, Slashin8r said:

1) Pretty sure you are wrong here. The Devs have stressed on many occasions that the EKs will interact with the CWs. There may be some with a lot less interaction or maybe even zero (I honestly doubt any campaign will have no interaction at all with the EKs).

2) Agreed. This is needed for a healthy economy.

3) True, however, just like every system the Devs create, they can be modified to fit other tasks. The current "Spirit Bank" is that module as it includes all the functions necessary to take care of the "Embargo System". It is at the account level and has a timer system (the 2 mins we currently wait). All it needs to become the "Embargo System" is the requirement of being inside a "Summoning Circle" to use and an increase in the duration of the timers (Indefinite timer, until end of Campaign).

4) I'm almost 100% certain that the Devs do not want any type of "Auction House". They specifically mention how most other MMOs go this route and they are trying to stay away from it. See quote from FAQ below.

The Devs have always planned to create a single game with many different ways to play it, but NOT SEPARATE ways to play it. They want all players to have to interact. Whether they play mostly in their EK or play mostly in the Dreggs, those players will come across each other whenever that Dreggs player wants to sell some loot or buy gear for an import server.

1) I don't think you understood my point. When I say "there are essentially separate communities" I'm not saying that the communities will never interact, I'm saying there interaction will be very minimal. The guilds/players who love factional PvP will rarely play on the dredge worlds, the players who love Arena PvP will likely figure out a way to get the highest ranked material and focus mainly on tournaments in the EKs rather than play in CWs. 

4) I could be wrong. I'm not entirely sure as I stated.


9 hours ago, Slashin8r said:


Put yourself in the shoes of the Devs. If the game turns out your way, then there will essentially be many different "small communities" instead of a "single large community". Do you understand how much more difficult that is to support? What happens when the communities clash and disagree on major aspects of the game? Which do the Devs side with? Do they allow their game to be split due to game mechanics?


Edit: Even more importantly, what happens when the Devs get into many more disagreements because of the different communities that each of them choose to support? I sure hope I didn't choose to back a game that will "split apart" at the seams before it even gets to start. I didn't buy into 5 games, I paid for 1 game.

This is how pretty much all MMO communities work though. Look at every sandbox that has ever existed and you had distinct communities had interacted with each other and were only forced to on minimal basis, and only if there were FFA PvP areas. The existence of different rule sets for the dying allows ACE to support each community independently without pissing off any other community by doing so. Look at EvE. There are people who NEVER enter Null space. There are people who never leave 1.0 sec space. Unless you force FFA PvP everywhere, you aren't going to force interaction on the level where I can inflict my will on others in virtual space. Crowfall is no different in practice. The game itself is designed to foster this sort of play style sectioning off by the player base through the CWs. So, in fact, you did choose to back a game that is 5 games (or whatever) in single game, just like you do in every other sandbox game that doesn't have forced PvP everywhere. Using EvE as another example, the game didn't reach critical mass (reaching the amount of players needed to retaining and attract new players) until it added Sec space. CW serve this function. EKs are the glue that bind them together, just like the auction house in EvE.

@Vuris See above as well. 

Edited by xpiher
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21 hours ago, Vuris said:

I personally hope that they'll at least give us the option or skill to take heads and mount them as decorative trophies to be be placed in sand castles. The hall 'o heads should be a thing.

Or a tree ... pagans used to do that.  Just think of a macabre Christmas tree.

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haven't read anything leading up but it's not pay to win... it's pay to harvest best case ^^

Dear ace, it was wrong of me to feel scammed, as time goes by, I realize that more and more. Thank you for letting me sell my account!

-a very satisfied customer-

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On 3/20/2017 at 5:56 PM, coolwaters said:

I think ACE would do well to add the phrase "pay to win" and the bastardized acronym "P2W" to the profanity filter.

Make posters use their words and actually describe the thing they fear / want to avoid. I think we'll be far more likely to have a solid game that will drive enough revenue to support it's development into the future. These conclusory and nondescript terms are undefined at best and misleading in reality.

I do love your command of language, very elegant while being subtle insulting. While its great being sarcastic, its misdirected in this instance, the term Pay to Win is descriptive with a well founded definition, you only need look at many of the Crowfall videos where the developers talk about Pay to Win and the Kickstarter FAQ...


Can I buy advancement, or powerful items from the shop?

No. The shop only sells cosmetic (non-balance affecting) items, game time, and additional space (parcels of land, on which structures can be placed) for your Personal Kingdom.

Last updated: Tue, February 24 2015 5:48 AM PST

And while the above FAQ does mention parcels of land...nothing is said about resources which several of the parcels being offered for sale has. I consider this to be a violation of the agreement under which I bought my package, BUT of even more concern, which I will address directly with ACE is the Relics which give a magical boost to the player.

Edited by Warprose
correct spelling



@Obsidian_Guild - Covert Stealth Operation Specialists -  http://theobsidian.co



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Only resources you can get of EK's is rank 1 basic mats. You might have a Rank 3 town parcel but that is not the rank for mats. That is only the number of buildings the parcel can hold. (They really should use another term other than rank to classify the parcels it is quite confusing.) Maybe instead of Rank 1 2 3 they could use Undeveloped, Developed, Urban or something.

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On 7/5/2017 at 0:06 PM, Warprose said:

 the term Pay to Win is descriptive with a well founded definition,

Then please define it for us.

Because from my seat it looks to be defined as anyone having a benefit that [you] don't have that comes with payment of VIP.

Assuming everyone really and truly used that ridiculous term (p2w) consistently, it would establish without a doubt that the most "pay to win" thing in Crowfall currently is found in the alt account purchase. You get way more "win" for your "pay" that way, undisputedly. 

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I think you have your definition of pay to win completely wrong. A parcel will not make the difference of winning or losing in a fight, or a whole campaign. It's your player skill, time and dedication, the way you use that plot and time your spend on it.

Another big point on this would be that it's farm able ingame, and therefor not being unique to people that pay and therefor excludes the term "pay to win" If you do not want to spend the time ingame you can pay. if you cannot pay nor spend the time in game then you should ask yourself if this is the game for you ? or for that matter most games. 
Whether this is ok by your ethics or not is a different matter. but the term pay to win does not apply.

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I dont think its pay to win its more cosmetic. Besides you cant even get good mats from it

Edited by XxViBe
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