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Crow's Nest Episode 2 - You lack discipline!


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Hey Guys,

Had another great time recording with Fallen for Episode 2 of the Crow's Nest.  We covered all the great big juicy info drops we have had over last 2 weeks, toss some love to the Stealthed boys for their hard work and having fun


The new Archetype assassin is flying in from over the horizon, what does it bring to the table?  What are we excited for?  What concerns us?  The announcement of 24/7 testing looms in the shadows.  How will this help us get a better picture of how Crowfall will be come soft launch?  We have had some time to see some building placement and we cover those features and related challenges.  Finally the big daddy Disciplines are now being worked on to provide tons of player customization options.  What are we looking forward to?  What are the hurdles?  Does it spell doom for Crowfall balance? Is balance even needed?  Find out these answers in more in episode 2 of the Crow's Nest.


@that_eriksson for IG and Twitter http://youtube.com/c/ThatEriksson


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