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Introduction: Ceollach (Senior Community Manager)

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Good day crows,

Today is the day I can finally introduce myself to you. I started to work as the new Crowfall Senior Community Manager in Europe 2 weeks ago.

Apart from coordinating the European Crowfall Community Managers, I am responsible for the German community. I am pretty sure I won´t have any boredom related problems ;).

The past 2 weeks were very interesting and exciting. I not only started doing my job, but I had the great pleasure to visit the ArtCraft development team in Austin. The days in the Artcraft office really showed me with how much passion the team is working on the game!

My pc gaming carer started 25 years ago, and I played my first online games in 1997. I played my fist MMO 15 years ago, and always picked games with a strong PVP focus. Crowfall with its strong PVP is just perfect for me.

I am already looking forward to work with everybody and cross swords on the battlefield!

Felix „Ceollach“ Hardt

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Finally welcome. And good luck. :)

Bekommen wir noch eine Vorstellungsrunde im deutschsprachigen Bereich? Und btw., gibt es einen speziellen Grund, warum die Threads der aktuellen News in den deutschsprachigen Ankündigungen geschlossen sind? Hat sich erledigt. ;)

Edited by Kraahk
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:D willkommen im Club - schön, dass es auch in Punkto Publisher weitergeht :D coole Sache

You get the wolves...lots of wolves...and sheep that wear armor and have developed an appetite for blood soaked grass - dubanka

Even insects smell good when roasted - a random confessor

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So excited to see an expansion into more community management! 

Allowing players more touch points can only mean the studio is moving forward as they outlined a while back.


Don't forget, the one EK that no one will judge you for looting your guilds treasury is Anhrez's Doober Shack. Where you can take those long con gains and 'simplify' them to more easily fit in your inventory. While you are unloading your hard earned winnings, swing by the Bazaar and pick up something to celebrate your genius.


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Just now, ceollach said:

@Kraahk Was meinst du mit Vorstellungsrunde? Eine deutsche Version meines Beitrags?

Der geschlossene Beitrag war ein versehen. Habe ihn wieder geöffnet.

Schon gesehen und das Posting entsprechend angepasst. Danke.

Ja, das meinte ich. Ich gehe mal davon aus, dass das sowieso noch passiert wäre, da ihr das im französischen Bereich auch schon so gehandhabt habt. Aber ich neige dazu mögliche Haken lieber im Vorfeld abzubauen oder zumindest anzusprechen. ;)

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