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Has anyone made dedicated crafting armor?

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I said I'd post my findings but I didn't really try anything new. With the nerf to pots and fix on exp points I wasn't able to get the results I used to have. I had 11 pips and each one seemed to be directly proportional to the risk factor percent... did I say that right? So 6 pips gave me 56% risk if I recall.

Anyway, I had been ignoring assembly since pots covered that nicely... guess what I'm training now :o That pretty much ended my crafting nd/or playing for the weekend.

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I wasn't able to do any huge crafting data sets this weekend. Next weekend I'll have all Saturday to harvest and craft a bunch to see the changes. Though some of my crafts this weekend were slightly higher stat wise than previous weekends at the same level. I'll have to craft and compare to old data sets though. All in all I'm taking a wait and see approach to whether this change is bad or good. The lower initial success chance does suck though. 

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