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Killjoy - A competitive guild for NA/EU/OC players


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Killjoy might be right for you if...

  1. You intend on being a part of a competitive community in Crowfall

  2. You want to forge some impactful relationships with a mature, dedicated, and easygoing Crowfall players

  3. You want an engaging Crowfall experience with easy access to all of your in-game needs


If any of that appeals to you, give the rest of this post a glance! You might find you'll be a perfect Killjoy ;).



Section 1: Introductions

1.1 - About RGC

1.2 - About Killjoy

1.3 - About Killjoy Leadership


Section 2: Killjoy

2.1 - What we're offering

2.2 - The Requirements

2.3 - Promotions & Ranks

2.4 - Recruitment Information

2.5 - Become a Killjoy

1: Introductions



1.1 RGC

Welcome to the recruitment page of Killjoy, the Crowfall guild of the Resplendence Gaming Community (RGC). RGC has a dedicated core membership with a vast pool of experience from various MMOs. The common thread among our members is the desire to engage in meaningful play with like-minded people. We like to optimize the use of our time with players who share our values and are easy going! We require active participation from all of our members on Discord (which serves are our community’s forums) and Teamspeak. Other community guidelines can be found in our application here.


RGC’s members are generally from North America. However, players from all over the world are welcomed and accommodated (UK, Chile, and Australia for example). We have an extremely diverse group of people with equally diverse backgrounds, histories, and interests. This diversity shines during our hosted [possibly drunken] community events which might include bingo with prizes, trivia, and Cards Against Humanity. RGC welcomes and celebrates diversity. We believe it promotes respectful engagement and prevents the community from coming an echo-chamber.




1.2 Killjoy

The founding members of Killjoy are members of RGC that have played together for years.

We have an extensive gaming arsenal, including games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, Black Desert Online, Ark, Minecraft, and Albion Online. The backgrounds of our members will bolster our ability to be a steadily competitive Crowfall guild. We have players who have a decade's worth of hardcore PvP experience and players who have been master economists, builders, and strategists.


The core values of the leadership in Killjoy will be reflected in the conduct of the guild:

  1. To provide an engaging community
  2. To be competitive in the PvP domain
  3. To be comfortable in a respectful gaming environment


We are here to protect and respect the time you commit to gaming. However, providing this positive experience isn’t a unilateral endeavor. Members will be expected to participate in a give and take relationship. This predicates the necessity of open lines of communication between members.




1.3 About Leadership

Killjoy will be run by the Council of Three which is comprised of the members Reina_Lenka, Nivhawk, and Solvictus. The Council of Three have very different backgrounds in life and in gaming, but very similar play-styles and leadership values.
See the breakdown of the guild’s leadership below:


Guild Leadership Council -

  1. Reina
  2. Nivhawk
  3. Solvictus
Edited by Nivhawk

Of the Hawk People

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2: Killjoy


2.1 The Killjoy Experience

Killjoy is a primarily PvP guild which will have a strong focus on campaigns. Killjoy will be based out of out a single Eternal Kingdom with a large inventory of buildings and parcels. We will have a division for PvPers, a company for Merchants, and a league for Crafters. We will always strengthen and build each of these aspects for our members to ensure we're always providing a rewarding and engaging experience.


PvP Division - PvP will be structured with an organized rank system, clear chain of command, and well-communicated set of expectations and requirements. Goals and expectations will be set so that they are progressive and competitive as well as achievable. We expect everyone to of course push for their own personal progression but also be interested the big picture of the team’s progression.

Merchant Company - Our Merchant Company’s primary objectives are to keep our guild mates well-stocked and provisioned while also stimulating a strong, centralized trading hub for all players in the EK and Campaigns. By working towards these objectives our merchants will accomplish many goals: strengthening Killjoy’s PvPers and Crafters, making significant contribution to the war effort, and making a rewarding profit without having to travel far.


Crafter’s League - The Crafting League within Killjoy will also have an organized rank structure. Our crafters will have the benefit of a strong, multi-directional support system. Our PvPers and Merchants will bring in goods and resources Crafter’s may need while also providing customers for crafted products. Crafters will be able to experience Crowfall’s crafting systems to the utmost; you’ll play and game in a community that provides support, encouragement, and constant source of consumers.



2.2 Killjoy’s Requirements

  • Be a member of Resplendence Gaming Community

  • Be present on TS3 and Discord Server

  • Additional requirements may be introduced as more information is made available regarding guild rank and structure.


2.3 Promotions and Ranks

We recognize that a rewarding and fair promotion system is paramount in providing a positive gaming experience. As more information on Crowfall's guild system and game mechanics are released, we will deliver more details on how promotions will work within Killjoy.


2.4 Recruitment

We are seeking recruits for the following segments of Killjoy:

  • Current Recruitment Drive:

    • General - OPEN

      • Active, passionate, with an “all in” mindset

      • Community & group play minded

      • Takes initiative

    • Specialized - OPEN (see below)

      • Strategists

      • Theorycrafters

      • Dedicated Crafters

      • Artists (Graphic artists, video-makers)

      • Streamers


2.5 Become a Killjoy

Its natural that you might have a few questions- feel free to ask us here or send myself, @Reina_Lenka, or @najorin a private message. If you're ready to make the leap, the next part is easy:



Edited by Nivhawk

Of the Hawk People

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Welcome to Crowfall.

Now you seem to recruit players form all time zones but where will be your focus? I mean do you plan to play on EU , Na or OC servers?

Edited by Xenotor


THE most active European guild. Join us now!

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7 minutes ago, Xenotor said:

Welcome to Crowfall.

Now you seem to recruit players form all time zones but where will be your focus? I mean do you plan to play on EU , Na or OC servers?

Hey there! Been here for a bit but waited to make it forum official ;).


We'll play on NA servers. 

Of the Hawk People

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28 minutes ago, VIKINGNAIL said:

Does Killjoy have any official alliances yet?

I love your interest! However, Alliances are being handled the same way we do in other games: with privacy :). 

Of the Hawk People

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Hey all! Thanks for the well wishes so far. We're looking forward to getting some awesome recruits. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me!


I think you broke your rabbit!

Welcome as a new guild!

he ded

Edited by najorin

Killjoy - najorin, officer

An ironically unironic Killjoy

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3 hours ago, VIKINGNAIL said:

That seems a bit unsavory, I'm keeping my eye on you rabble rousers.

No rabble rousers here! Just cute little bunnies!

Of the Hawk People

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