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CC diminishing returns

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Hi devs. My name is Millz and after watching a templar pvp video on YouTube and seeing Templars CC stun lock you I wanted to know if the team is working on a solution for multiple crowd controls hitting a single player. The best crowd control counter I've seen was from Warhammer online: Age of reckoning where if you get CC'd for example a knockdown the player who received the knockdown would get a buff that would make the player immune to that type of CC for 5 to 6 seconds. So my question is:



Will there be diminishing returns for crowd control in Crowfall and if there is would the counter be for that type of CC or CC from all sources?




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Hey Shadowbane had a similar deal! Except the immunity would refresh if you got hit with another stun so Priests and stuff would stun themselves throughout a battle to stay stun immune. This was almost certainly originally a defect but it became a feature of playing some classes (like Priest).

I dont know what theyre planning to do but theyre borrowing a lot from SB which it sounds like mirrors what you want. Presumably without the bug.


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Their are multiple systems in place. They could use some work though, as could the current high availablity of typically hard CC via knockdowns



Diminishing returns, immunity, Retaliate

Crowd control effects are grouped into seperate catergories.

If multiple effects from the same time are applied in succession within a short period - they will have dimishing returns on their duration.

After a certain number the target will then be completely immune to these effects for 8 seconds.

  • 'CC immunity' = stuns and knockdowns
  • 'Movement CC immunity' = slows and presumably root effects also knock backs for example from Legio scatter or Confessor fire tornado
  • 'Attack CC immunity' = suppressions and perhaps other unknown effects e.g. blind
I was suppressed 3 times within 30 seconds.
  • The first was 100% duration of 6 seconds
  • The second was 66% duration of 4 seconds
  • The third was 33% duration of 2 seconds.
After the third effect ended I then gained the 'Attack CC immunity' buff for 8 seconds.


All archetypes also get the Retaliate power - on a 30 second cooldown - can be used to break stuns and knockdowns.

It will pop up on your screen when you are crowd controlled and you can chose to use it to break the effect (excluding dizzy down)
Most archetypes will also deal damage to nearby enemies upon using this power. In the case of the Druid - no damage is dealt, instead they heal themselves.
Everyone can also use their C powers (if charged up enough previously by attacking/taking damage) while under CC effects as well which will break the CC and make you immune to damage and CC for a duration


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I was always a fan of DR's halfing them selves so if the initial CC is say 10 sec the second time would be 5 sec, third would be 2.5 and the fourth would be immunity for X duration for argument sake you could say make immunity the duration of the initial CC so in this case 10 sec. DR's imo create more skilled gameplay, some may say "it takes more skill to avoid the CC" I'm of the opinion that it takes more skill to use the CC at the right time and coordinating it with other forms of CC rather then just running in and mashing 1 key every 5 sec to maintain CC.

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