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For every game i played in the past was a different option menu.

While some options ( like the audio slider) are allways found, there are a lot of options that go missing.

Needlessly to say that a good options menu means good critic and makes the gaming expirience so mutch better. As the saying goes its better to have too many options then to few.


So in this thread im planing to gather what kind of options are needed or nice to have for the options menu in crowfall.  Feel free to add what you think is needed or uneeded.



Needed options:

  • Combat Soundeffect slider (any combat related sounds including footsteps)
  • Ambient soundeffect slider (noise from windmills or weathereffects)
  • Harvesting/crafting soundeffect slider (as a ganker i may not want to hear the ambient/music but the combat and harvesting sounds)
  • Music slider
  • Sound quallity options

Nice to have:

  • Soundreduction on soundeffect. (example: if i hear music and a combat sound is played then my music should go silent)
  • Import music / Music player ( import your own music to hear instat of the game music)
  • Song slider. ( sick of this song? then select the next one)
  • Play sound on Quallity drop from or higher: Green / Rare / Epic / Legendary / all / off ( allready have the 2 of those)



Needed options:

  • Resulution
  • Screenmode Windows / fullscreen
  • Field of View slider ( up to 100 is good up to 120 would be perfect)
  • Render distance Objects
  • Render distance Players
  • Render distance NPCs
  • Motion Blur Quallity
  • Water surface Qualitty
  • Texture Quallity
  • Shadow Quallity
  • Reflection Quallity
  • Hud Size
  • Collor Blind mode ON / Parcial on / off

Nice to have:

  • Minimap On/off
  • Rotate minimap on/off (rotate with the character movement)
  • Objects Quallity
  • Physics Quallity
  • Shaders Quallity
  • Particle effect Quallity
  • Volumetric effects Quallity
  • Post processing Quallity
  • SSAO
  • AA
  • MSAA
  • anisotropic filtering
  • Flora Density
  • Gama
  • Brightness


Needed options:

  • Skill tree alarm On / parcial on / off ( the windows that pop up when you level up either: ON ( like they are now) Parcial (only on skill lvl 100) and OFF(never show))
  • Health / Stamina / combat ressource numbers On / % / Off (if possible seperate for each)

Nice to have:

  • Show character info: Allway / on mouse over / never
  • Show health bar: Everyone / only Allies / only enemys / only me / only enemys and me / only Allies and me (maybe a checkbox for each?)
  • Ingame Clock on / off (with day night cicle it would be good to know)
  • tutorial on/off (if we ever get a tutorial)
  • Dmg / heal numbers.
  • alarm on wisper on/ off
  • RL clock on / off
  • tooltips on/off



Needed options:


  • Keybinding General (open inventory obvios stuff etc)


  • mouse sensivity

Nice to have:


  • Keybinding per Archtype


  • Crosshair ( Size , Form , visibility)
  • revert axis controll



Did i forget anything? We allready have part of the stuff listed but for the sake of that a complet options menu should look like i added them anyway.






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