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Eternal Kingdoms as Campaign Marketplaces

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13 minutes ago, Teufel said:

@KrakkenSmacken We need goods to flow both ways for all bands of campaigns.  The question is how and when do we allow that to used in the dregs.  EvE's model is a good one to look at; they produce high end moon goo, mine minerals, produce PI goods.  Then those goods are sent back to "safe" space for assembly, shipping out larger parts back to null sec.  Excess goods are traded in hubs like Jita, where players what to make a little extra Isk.

I don't think we should make EKs be the only place that has markets, but they are a natural place for all players to trade.  Without relaxing all import/export rules though, you can never get goods back to the null sec type campaigns.  I love the idea of campaigns that reset, but I believe they need to be allowed to have goods that come in say 1 time every 2 weeks, or every month.  I don't think that "victory" prizes in a campaign should be tied to resources.  The skeleton is there for a dynamic world, if ACE would shift their thinking just slightly and notice that a great economy can be had by opening up resources between all bands of campaigns and all EKs.

Bands are not the only definition of campaign configuration.  There may be Dregs with lax or restrictive import/export rules.  

To what end do you say that all campaigns "Need goods to flow"? Some campaigns may be more fun without any flow of goods.  Simply building as much of an economy as possible within a world, and then winning and getting bragging rights (maybe a unique relic for winning) is enough, and the prefered playstyle,  for some people.

EvE is a good example, sometimes, but it also has a crappy reputation for not being friendly to new players, and largely inaccessible.  New worlds, with new players, all with zero import rules, will have an appeal to a different audience than a world economically supported by teeming EK metropolis filled with the bounty of a thousand worlds.

Both styles of play can and will be supported, there is no right and wrong here.



All accounts are granted a kingdom at the beginning of the game, but using it is not required beyond the tutorial.

We fully expect that some players will prefer to spend the vast majority of their time participating in the campaign worlds, and we intend to let them do so without maintaining a kingdom. Other players (those who want to socialize, and participate in the economy game) may spend most of their time in the Eternal Kingdoms.

As they say: Different strokes for different folks.

If every world has a major portion of its manufacturing in the EK, that first statement would be a lie.

There is no reason to be dogmatic about it, if that's your thing, just join the worlds with more lax import/export rules and a guild that operates in those types of places.

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i think there's a foundation re Crowfall that is being lost here. While the creation of the game's economy is important, it should still be within the confines of lore.

Campaign worlds are dying worlds. Allowing an economic flow in and out while the world exists would indeed benefit all users participating - even if the goods could only be used for the campaign world as it still survived - then transferring over to universal usage upon the campaign world's death. And yes, campaign woulds could exist where nothing is allowed imported at the start, because that fits within the rules placed currently by the devs. But the thematic implications of allowing goods (vessel, buildings, mats, etc) to exist in Eternal Kingdoms while the campaign world is still in play would need a much better explanation lore wise.

Currently, crows are allowed access into campaign worlds, because crows are the champions of the gods. Crows take their crafted vessels and materials allowed into campaign worlds for glory. Upon death of the campaign world, victors are crowned and given their riches/rewards. Crows return to their Eternal Kingdom and shape it how they see fit with the spoils of victory waiting until the next campaign opens, seeking higher praise.

that stomachs better than, users desiring epic found goods from campaigns to be safely locked from loss prior to the campaign world's end. Although it will be sad to see certain goods lost in the Spirit Bank due to campaign placement, it's part of the challenge to be better than the rest of players. 


if you want something less threatening, go play hello kitty online

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Regarding "emergent behavior" and such, I understand that to a point. But, if what emerges ends up killing the point of a major part of the game (Eternal Kingdoms), then that's going to be a problem.

ACE is developing EKs, and monetizing parts of them, with the anticipation that they will be important. This is directly at odds with a community that decides that 0 import rules are the way to go, since any kind of progression through "acquisition of stuff" (which directly ties to EKs) is meaningless with 0 import rules. Or to say it another way, the game shouldn't be so emergent as to allow the player base to kill off a significant feature of the game.

I'm conflicted here because I am completely compelled by the RTS elements of this game: 0 import rule sets sound like we'll be jumping into and RTS where WE are the units and get to play it out. That sounds amazing. However, in RTS games there is no persistent housing or place to hang out. You have lobbies (maybe) to form up games, and that's all.

I really want to have my cake and eat it too, tbh. I'd like to get some indication from ACE about how they plan to make EKs (and character progression outside of skills) meaningful to us. With the latest info they've dropped, my interest in this game has been renewed, but this issue of 0 import vs meaningful persistence is still gnawing at me.

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