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The Crowfall Chronicles - Part 3 Of ?


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Crowfall Chronicles - Part 3 of ?

The sun was doing its best to slip through the heavy forest cover as Olbuf wove his way between the thick trunks of the trees.  This part of the forest was old and a bit dank smelling, which made no difference to the warrior as he kept pushing forward intent on following the faintest smell of blood.  He knew the odds were that it came from yet another bloody rag tied to some varmint but he had to check.  The female was out here somewhere and he was determined to not only find her but also the source of the Toral Roots that she so blithely distributed.

Toral Root was rare and prized among both healers and warriors.  Healers used it to remove infection from wounds and warriors used the juice from it to sharpen their blades to a nearly unstoppable edge.  While Toral Root was once common and grew all through the forest the renewal of the land after the last Hunger had left few of the plants behind.  Olbuf had once found a tiny seedling with the once familiar nodding pink crest of bell like flowers and had taken it back to his castle in an effort to grow a source of the root for his own.  It still lived but was a scrawny, thin thing with barely a few flowers left  much less the fleshy root shoots that showed the plant was ready for harvest.  The root the female had left on his axe was the first he’d seen in years.

He heard a faint sound and turned his head slowly in the direction it came from.  There was little chance it was the creature but it might be dinner.  He let his greataxe swing up into his hands and started forwards, half crouched and prepared to strike.  He stopped behind a bush and sniffed the air, then slumped his shoulders and relaxed his grip on the axe. 

“Trep”, Olbuf growled as he stepped out from behind the bush.  With a shriek, Trep dropped the tiny dagger he’d been holding fearfully in front of himself and whirled around to face his master.  “My Lord, I’m sorry, I tried shouting for you and then I fired the black arrow into the air but I forgot to light it so we need a new one now and I almost hit a crow with the arrow so when I tried to send a crow after you they just glared at me and hopped out of reach and so I tried again with shouting but you didn’t hear so I got a weapon and I found you!  I found you!”

Olbuf looked at Trep with a mixture of dismay and exhaustion.  He’d been out looking for the female for a day and a half and had not stopped more than a few minutes to wolf down some food.  If the creature was near whatever chance he had of catching her was gone the moment Trep had opened his mouth. 

It never crossed his mind to wonder how Trep had actually found him.

Back at the Nest, the creature looked with satisfaction at the warm cubbyhole she’d created.  Not much compared to the more inhabited parts of the castle but a far sight better than a damp crook in a tree.  She had hacked an entrance just big enough for her to fit through in a wall blocking a staircase and covered the hole with dark, heavy cloth nearly invisible in the shadows.  Once through the wall a landing served as a warm and dry spot for her to retreat to, with a steady drip of water from the pipe leading up to water tower on the roof.  Stairs led up from the landing to a door that led to a courtyard open to the sky and while a part of her wondered why the lovely courtyard had been sealed off the rest of her only cared that the area only had one entrance, no windows or roofs overlooking it, and was relatively free of vermin.   A stout beam across the door served as a barricade to the courtyard when she was in her sanctuary and the smoke from her tiny fire meandered slowly up into the darkness and slipped unnoticed into the myriad cracks and crevasses in the looming floors above her.

She had been working ceaselessly while Olbuf was out relentlessly searching for her.  Food had been pilfered from the Nest’s stores and tucked in several caches around the more isolated areas of the castle.  Escape routes had been cleared out then hidden and the more well used parts of the castle had been quickly reconnoitered and mapped, to be avoided whenever possible.  With a bit of luck she’d be undetected for months, maybe even years if she kept her thievery to a minimum and stayed quiet and out of sight. With a sigh of relief she lowered her aching body down onto the pile of furs and blankets that made up her new bed.  Winter was coming but she was safe and warm inside, out of the storms, away from the wind, dry and well fed.   Winter was coming but this time she was safe.



The Crowfall Chronicles - Part 4 of ?  http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/1739-the-crowfall-chronicles-part-4-of/

Edited by Oridi


The Chronicles of Crowfall           The Free Lands of Azure            RIP Doc Gonzo.

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