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Ivory Spider Company [ISC] - An Economic-Based Guild


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While there's not much in the way of an economy as of yet, I'd still like to begin to get a list of interested players, so without further ado:


The Ivory Spider Company



The central tenant of the Company is thus: Power Through Wealth.

We want power, but lasting power, not that of strength which wanes and waxes with the meta and circumstance, but something we can wield for a good long time to come.

All members are encouraged to act as entrepreneurs, and are reminded that power does not come from size, but rather from influence.

The Ivory Spider does not plan on relying on becoming a large guild of crafters, though that possibility would be nice. Rather, any sort of venture for wealth is welcome.

Help the Game. Power is useless if it isn't used, and what better way to make our mark in the world than to improve the World of Crowfall through commerce.


Planned Ventures

First and Foremost, the Ivory Spider will work towards becoming a strong presence in the Dregs. Many speculate that the Dregs will be an anti-crafter zone, where you require a decently sized guild to survive properly there. The Ivory Spider will be the first to declare our intentions: To set up an outpost in Dregs campaigns for crafting and trading in relative peace with neutral customers.

Quests are also part of the Ivory Spider's plan. Much like traditional MMORPG's, the Company looks to integrate a reward system for players who complete tasks for it. This can be viewed as out-sourcing labor. Our target demographic are crafting guilds of all sizes, small-medium mercenary guilds, and solo players.

The Union of Trade is a project to create an alliance of economy-centric guilds to improve the game's commerce, coordinate efforts to improve the game's experience, and to make sure we do not lose profit by unintentionally impeding on another's 'territory'. The Union holds no real power other than arranging diplomatic talks between guilds, but this alone is enough to keep relations open and flowing.


What the Spider asks of You?

Merely that you act in the Company's best interest.

You may be a Explorer, Harvester, Crafter, Fighter, or Politicker. All these are merely different opportunities for fortune.

Contracts, however, are sacred. A Trading Company is only as good as its trust. Never break a contract when you can help it. Especially within the guild.


Structure of the Spider

The Spider works under a single Head.

Beneath the Head act eight independant Legs.

The Legs are chosen by meritocracy, the more you gain for the Spider, the higher you rank.

The Legs hold power over the Spider's Treasury.

The Body makes up the bulk of the Spider. The individuals of the Body may work independantly on their own ventures.



This post may expand or change further as the game gets closer to a release date, but as of yet it is merely a proposal to those who may be seeking a more goal-oriented guild with a more economic playstyle.

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