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Total War: Warhammer 2

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22 hours ago, ImaVampire said:

God I love Total War Warhammer. Didn't know they were doing a second one so soon though. 

Don't think of it like a sequel. Think of it more like a stand alone Xpac. Dawn of War 2 did the same thing. You don't need the first or third one to play the second one. However, if you own more, they combine for a large map, etc.


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Man, its about time we get a Warhammer 3 announcement! I Have been faithful on both launches of Total War Warhammer I and II. Infact, I have to thank CA for introducing me into the Warhammer universe, AND 40k. Apparently, they are bringing back the old Word (pre End time Warhammer) so.. HYPE! im sure the guys at CA are screeching because we are gonna demand more from them now lol! 

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