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Rangers POV (Version II)


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Greetings Crows…


With the latest patch it seems like we are still running a little bit around in circles, looking for some POI and something to do.  There are new things entering the game right and left, for now though the large changes are on a PvE side of things ATM.  Something that will change soon enough I’m sure.

Yet again –W- took the initiative to jump onto the EU server and spice things up.  Throughout Saturday their presence could be felt. 

  • It started in the early afternoon, where a small group of 5 –W- was met by 2 x full Caldera groups.  The fights took place on the Canyon parcel and while new terrain for us, the fights went pretty much as expected – due to numbers Caldera was able to overpower the –W- group.  So while I have some of the footage I decided not to do anything with it, since it didn’t show anything really for either group.
  • On and off in the evening sightings were made of –W- being on the server and us being unable to find them….
  • Then around midnight the call came : “Call to Arms” – on our comchats.  A couple of large groups of –W- had hit one of our harvesting groups.   (I’ve written vs 7 in my video purely not to “over exadurate” I’m sure that –W- are more than happy to provide the real numbers.. 7 will do though.)   Personally I was logging off at the time but tossed caution to the wind and joined the fray.


The fights rolled back and forth till our Harvesting group pulled out and went about doing what we love em for!  Harvesting and crafting! 


That left us with one group of 5 - This is my view of what happened – so once more : Rangers POV!


Shot in 1080p quality.


Aftermath :

These fights were by far some of the more interesting I have been part of.  Huge respect and thanks to –W- for providing game content which makes sense and from my point of view explain what Crowfall will –be-.


Thanks to NCHDu for joining the fray!  Always a pleasure to have your company amongst us.

To my comrades in arms – huge respect and thanks for the work you do.  I’m impressed at the manner you carry yourselves!   To those who provide Caldera with the backbone of why we can even exist – my outmost admiration of your patience and  knowledge.


Caveat :
These fights just cost me a dinner in town with the wife, got a bit too much Wife Aggro.  Hehehe


Edited by Soulreaver

Huginn ok Muninn, fljúga hverjan dag, Jörmungrund yfir; óumk ek of Hugin,, at hann aftr né komi-t, þó sjámk meir of Munin

Gathering of Ranger videos

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Nice seeing your PoV Soulreaver, they were some fun fights and explained some things.
There were 2 separate groups we were battling during this time, thought it was all you folks and wondered why you weren't rallied together haha!
These fights certainly reinforced some old lessons and taught some new things as well.
Awesome job to you and Drakonil staying alive dodging through the clusters!

At the end of the day in Crowfall though, numbers win the majority of the time; especially once the difference in numbers increases and with a nearby StatueTemple for respawns.

I was watching your harvesting group for ~20 minutes on my Templar over the hill, before we actually got our 4/5 together and jumped them. At one point Drakof got close enough that I could see their nameplate, surprised I was not made then and there.

Dravoix, I really enjoyed our 1v1 at the end of one of the earlier fights, many thanks for not calling in assistance when I was the last standing, felt it was a good fight. I will try to get my footage put together to provide my own perspective.

Edited by scornoflife


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8 minutes ago, scornoflife said:

Especially when I can't stay accurate due to lag differences haha

WTB a middleground ping server between EU and US

So... a server hosted on the Atlantic Ocean? :P


You Can't Be A Genius, If You Aren't The Slightest Bit Insane.

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