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[ID] Imitatio Dei - NA/EU/OC - Est.2008


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Region| North America
Recruitment| Recruitment is open seeking all. (Interview & Quick App required)
Guild Focus| PvP Dominance & Crafting exemplariness 
Play Style| Hardcore
Main Timezone| Central Standard Time(CST), however we have members from around the globe.
Website| Imitatio Dei Website



                    Imitatio Dei was founded on August 11th, 2008 during beta of Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning. We use the Genitive Latin form of the word Imitatio Dei meaning "Imitation of a God". As a guild since our formation we've always been 100% focused on PvP, achievements, and commerce. We've held strong principles, recruitment standards, and overall goals throughout the years. Since our formation we've crowned ourselves as a strong force in the many games that we delved into. We've always believed that individuals can be empowered with purpose, skill, and knowledge under the right teaching and guild environment. We never shun an individual away due to play style or skill differentiation! Personality, integrity, play time, and loyalty are stronger principles over being a god walking amongst mere mortals toxic clown jumping from guild to guild seeking personal gain.

If interested you may continue reading about us HERE - Introduction rather than posting it all on this page.


Our list of accomplishments is lenghty and it's unnecessary to jumble this page please click the link to view them accordingly HERE- Accomplishments









                    Members of Imitatio Dei who violate the following rules will be immediately removed from the guild and not allowed to reapply.  In addition, under certain circumstances the member will be reported immediately depending on the infraction.  At the discretion of the Council, other guilds that the member applies to may be provided with proof of the former members actions so that they can make an informed decision whether to allow that individual into their ranks.


  •  Members will not bot/kill-trade or otherwise exploit the mechanics of the game to progress.
  •  Members will not violate any games Terms of Use.


To review more of our Rules & Requirements simply follow this link HERE - Rules



                    When it comes to Crowfall this is the game that many of us in Imitatio Dei have sought for years. Majority of us are former Dark Age of Camelot, Shadowbane, Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest, Ultima, & Lineage players. It's been many years since MMO's focused on core teamwork. We've grown exhausted of the stereotypical play that World of Warcraft introduced where the only teamwork is downing a scripted raid boss, crafting is a side chore, and PvP is primarily arena based.

We're ecstatic to play a game where teamwork, alliances, and unity are at the forefront and crafting is a necessity in all things. As individuals that loved the Star Wars Galaxies crafting system we're elated to see and experience some of its rollover into Crowfall. 

You may be wondering why it's taken us so long to jump on Crowfall? Well if you review the last decade of MMO's you'll see a long list of games that flopped within 3-6 months of releasing and that's being generous. Crowfall also isn't our first rodeo with a kickstarter as we've also invested as a community around $85,000 USD into Star Citizen, and you can see how long that kickstarter project has taken to launch (pun intended). 

But here we are and members are slowly but surely purchasing packages on the daily. We intend to engage Crowfall & Star Citizen side by side as our two MMO's with one delivering on fantasy and the other on sci-fi. We're ecstatic about both these projects as they both bring features to the MMO genre that have been lacking for over a decade.

With Crowfall we intend on having multiple accounts for fighting, crafting, & gathering. With the way the skill system works it only makes sense to have multiple accounts putting full use of account based generated points. We've already strong leadership structure in place and we're ready to hit the ground rolling with Crowfall on launch day and throughout the remaining tests. 

Though we may not have had posting rights, alpha access, and etc.. We've been following the game, watching the videos, and keeping fully up to date.

Ready to Join?

                    We have no age requirement as age doesn't define maturity. However most of our members are in their late 20-40's hailing from early MMO's like EQ, UO, DAOC, SWG, SB, L1, & etc... After this many years we've perfected finding the type of individuals that fit within our group and usually it can be decided if we'll continue with your trial by the end of your Discord interview.

We run an extensive trial - probation process in which we determine that you're a candidate who encompasses what we look for in our members. We believe this is why we've remained a unified, structured, and drama free environment for many years. After your application has been accepted we will setup an interview on Discord.

Below is some traits that we look for in potential ID members.

We desire individuals that,

  • Portray a positive image of our guild.
  • Active on our Discord
  • Active on our Website/Facebook Group
  • Respect the members of ID in and out of leadership.
  • Respects applicants, recruits, trials as if they were ID members.
  • Know when to be serious and also when to have fun.
  • Have a pack mentality over a lone wolf mentality.
  • Refrain from cliques, anti-socialization, and disengagement.
  • Value loyalty, camaraderie, and integrity.

We encourage members to,

  • Guide each other, develop skills, formulate strategies, and work together.
  • Keep an eye open for new recruits and positive assets to ID as everyone has the ability to refer individuals to our website for processing into the guild.
  • Keep an open mind and make suggestions if you see something that could be done better. Leadership is always looking for positive ideas.
  • Help your guildies even the weakest link. We're only as strong as our weakest member.

Our members aren't part of multiple guilds/communities and they play with us throughout all games no matter the genre as this is their official online home. We aren't looking for individuals that join us for a single game and then ditch out after it ends one way or another. We're looking for players that are truly wanting to JOIN and become a permanent asset to this community.

I think it's fair to say that our accomplishments speak for themselves from our guild videos to our long list of server/world firsts among everything else listed in our About Us
. We feel that we've provided you with more than enough information to determine if this community is right for you.

After reading the above and our (About Us)
 and (Member Requirements) if you feel that you fit the bill and we fit what you desire in a guild/community. Then we encourage you to complete the form below and begin the process of becoming part of Imitatio Dei.

(Application Form)

~ID Council




Edited by Zurilia
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Yay the post is up! I give this a huge thumbs up.

We're excited to open recruitment for Crowfall and look forward to meeting all the new faces that decide to join us.
If you decide to apply I'll likely be the one to snag your interview on Discord.
I'm just a wittle Foxxily so don't fret as I don't bite (hard) ;)


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