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Crowfall Contest .... How's your Haiku?


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Ok ... things have slowed a bit ... so why not give stuff away?  You can post your Haiku here, or on Twitter using the tag or both! 

Will put together a crack team to help me determine the winner .... 

you want Anhrez's loot ?
release your inner artist 
Haiku for the win 
for rules and entry info see image @CrowfallGame




Don't forget, the one EK that no one will judge you for looting your guilds treasury is Anhrez's Doober Shack. Where you can take those long con gains and 'simplify' them to more easily fit in your inventory. While you are unloading your hard earned winnings, swing by the Bazaar and pick up something to celebrate your genius.


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Soon, the slaughter starts
Train, plan, and fight for control
Attack at their heart


Note:  Thanks for starting this.  I was lucky enough to live in Japan during the 80's, 90's, 00's and I currently live in Tokyo now.

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