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Experimentation Points (multiplier)

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If this thread already exists and I missed it sorry for duplicating.

I know that the idea is "Risk vs Reward".

If I experiment (1) one point at a time the likelihood of success and likelihood of quality success is better than if I experiment with multiple points.  On the other hand if I experiment with multiple points the likelihood of success and likelihood of quality success is lowered but the overall quality of product is improved.  -ex.  (3) three individual amazing successes will only yield 19 points where as (1) one amazing success where (3) three points were done simultaneously will yield 36 points.

Has anyone else found this to be the case or am I just doing something completely wrong?

On that note if this is the case has anyone determined whether or not "Quality Bootstrapping" ultimately lowers the overall quality of product as the individual components could not include the same number of points experimented w/ simultaneously therefore decreasing the overall multiplier? 

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It's the case. I don't think we actually had any posts about the +50% when you use 50% risk. We've just mentioned it here or there in various posts. The latest was in Narsille's "Has anyone made dedicated crafting Armor?" I recommend reading that to get the explanations provided in more detail.

As for quality bootstrapping i prefer to only do that on the very base components like a bar or stone rune stone. Using 3 green metal sheets and then using all Blue iron, copper, and hides will likely boost an armor piece up marginally. You get a minor difference for crafting a higher quality item. I only think bootstrapping should happen with blueprints to save resources later on. Right now it's too variable on whether it'll work. An Armor piece that used blue all the way through will be better than one that was bootstrapped at anything but the very bottom sub components. Those i believe won't make a difference when compared to an armor made with all the same resources and the same rolls. .

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