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Animal Hunting/Leather Farming

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Due to the current spawning issues I wanted to post a guide on how to farm leather for you guys who would like to fully test all of the leather crafting during this current test since PvP is down.

I went around for about 2 hours earlier doing the following things and ended up being able to harvest nearly 100 leather between boars and hellcats.

First I scout the area and find a Hellcat charger spawn like this one. y4mKCKl02zKKcKIxU4aBKdBnF-sdlRwd1TmPFAcH


Continue to scout the area and try and find a Boar Den or as srathos likes to call them "Thickets" they look like this.



At this point you will want to go back to the Hellcat Spawn Crystals and wait until a Hellcat spawns. After killing it you will have to put something from your inventory on it's body and loot it to get the corpse to activate itself so you can harvest it. BEFORE Harvesting make sure you have your harvesting potions active or you will get significantly less resources. Once you have harvested the corpse put your timer (I use my cellphone) on for 15:00 minutes.

Now head back to the Boar Den and wait for it to spawn. When it does, note the time on your timer and figure out the difference between the time you killed the Hellcat and the boar spawning. If they spawn 5 minutes apart then all you have to do after finishing up harvesting the boar is head back to the Hellcat Spawner and wait the remaining time for the Hellcat to spawn again. Kill it and head back to the boar den and wait for it to spawn. Meanwhile (as in the example: 5 minutes) your harvesting potions should have time left on them and you can harvest wood/stone/ore around the spawn area until then and don't forget to remake your harvesting potions and Runestone tools under Runemaking for the extra harvesting stacks. 

Using this method this morning I was able to run between 3 different spawns and had it down to where a MOB would spawn within 5-10 seconds of me arriving at each spot. And then having a remaining 10 minutes before having to start the process again. Giving me time to craft more potions/gear. I was also able to test out creating Leather Chest piece and Leather Helmet. Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to get in on testing the working of all the leather components in crafting and give testing feedback. 

Hope this helps everyone who keeps asking in chat how and where to get leather? Where are all the mobs? Why aren't mobs spawning? Etc.

(Doing all this gave me flashbacks of Everquest 1. I was waiting for someone to yell "CAMP CHECK!")

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The leather armor effect is fixed? i think someone told me that the basic armor is best in the moment then any other type. That aside, very nice guide to help us explore the crafting that need leather, thx

"An ordinary archer practices until he gets it right. A Ranger practices until he never gets it wrong." -The Lost Stories  


✣Junte-se a nós✣

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