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02/03/15 - Day 2 - Hunger Week Rages On!

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02/03/15 - Day 2 - Hunger Week Rages On! 



Good morning!


Hunger week continues. In light of yesterday's announcement, some of these items will have a LOT more context:


First up, we've got the Templar archetype page. This one is interesting because it shows a few elements that you haven't seen before: 

  • Most notably, a screenshot showing combat against some monsters (we said no raids, guys -- OF COURSE there will be PvE!), 

  • a first look at what a Hunger-infected creature look like in-game, 

  • a bit of narrative about how the Hunger is viewed by the Immortals,

  • a side-by-side concept of the Templar in both genders.

Additionally, just to illustrate the point, we're dropping you a lineup of that same undead warrior as he looks through the course of a Campaign: spring, summer, fall, and winter.




And another screenshot of a Templar in combat!  




That's it for today!  




J Todd Coleman

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.

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This is welcome news to my eyes.


I am so glad there will be mobs, this opens up new possibilities (Namely Man vs Environment).


Time for some bullet listing, I am on the first page after all.


1)  Templar is a Tank class, has less base stats compared to the previous 2 Archetypes revealed.  This likely means they get more Character Creation points for Runes.  Templar will likely have a Paladin-ish promotion class.


2)  Undead.  What is the source of the undead?  Is it connected to Hunger?  Will players have to band together to survive the deadly undead horde in winter season in some campaigns? (I pulled this one out of my *bleep*)


3)  The Eternal Champions were originally mortal.  They are also called Immortals in the lore, its canon now I'm afraid.


4)  The Hunger is weird.  "or sealed off and burned to keep the Hunger from spreading."  Burning The Hunger stops it from spreading?  Maybe Hunger is some magic void thing that possesses environment with erratic, crazy mana.


5)  There is a Hunger-ized Gryphon flying in the background of the templar/graveyard screenshot.


6)  Screenshot undead have Hunger colored summoning portal looking lights underneath them.  The Hunger might continually spawn mobs in the areas which it has already infected.  Infected...


7)  The Infected  -->  The Shadow ---> The Dregs,  does this mean The Hunger is a super dangerous threat in the FFA ruleset?  Yes, please?


8)  Do templar have skills which excel against the undead?  (Devs I'm asking for it, does this Templar farm girl not want to avenge her mother against The Hunger pestilence?)  I the undead are not The Hunger, but they are its minions.


9)  The graveyard in the screenshot also has a white warm light.  Player respawn?  Can players respawn in graveyards overtaken by The Hunger?  Is the Templar re enabling the graveyard by clearing it of the Undead minions there supplying it with Hunger mana?


10) Ze End!

Edited by sneaky_squirrel

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How Complex can Mining be in Crowfall?  Mining difficulty, fatigue, infrastructure.

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I really like the progression of the monsters as the Hunger takes them over!  The glow they get in the end is really cool.


Not a lot of new info but the art style, and what looks like an in-game shot looks nice.

Tanom of the WhiteWalkers



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Endless Horizontal Treadmill, check.


People drinking the fruit punch, check.


Massive amount of promises, check.


Sounds like a prepublished hit to me followed by whining about how this is not what they were promised. First to call it, game is dead.

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That's not how you hold a twohanded sword. Are you kidding? You need to do some research. Take a broom and try swinging it like that, then switch your hands and you will see the difference.

Didn't notice this detail until your post. Good catch!


Besides that, these in game screenshots look AMAZING

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The game is looking mighty fine! Are there enemies that can avoid/resist being infected by the Hunger or will the game be filled with only blue zombie creatures when winter comes around?

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the screenst looks nice. Othere than that, not much info in this update. We have already seen how hunger affects monsters and when there are monsters, there is pve. The combat looks like I would imagine it to look :)

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