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The idea here is that writing books is always fun, and it could be interesting and immersive for players and guilds to have guild libraries in their eternal kingdoms where they can pass on information to others. Include something that lets them control who can safely enter the doors (somebody sneaks in without permission, by not being partied to somebody with permission for example, they get pvp flagged? Or just booted?). Let players write stories, or allow them, if they have the materials at the time, to make scrolls about specific crafting recipes they've discovered. Let them record the exact outcomes based on the item combo they put together and any experimentation or other modifiers they did. That way guilds could, for example, pass on easily and in game what philosopher's stones they had uncovered.

You'd bring your 'record scrolls' to your guild or eternal kingdom's library, and it would go into a big tomb specifically dedicated to that crafting specialization, recording who had made the discovery, what the name they had made for it was, and anybody who had read that page and crafted the item in that eternal kingdom would be able to select it from a list of options?

I'm a little hesitant to add that last bit because it takes away slightly from experimentation, but if a system like this was put directly into the game, it would help put off an outside wiki or compendium from coming up with a full and complete list for the outside stuff, by giving explorer type players a repository in game to supply that information to, and giving an implicit idea that such information is secret and your job as a player is to keep it hidden for your companion and ally players rather than freely distributing it about the internet?

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