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The Endless Host emerges

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"How is it that every major belief system always focuses on the fight between light and dark, good and evil?  What about the majority caught in the middle?  Aren't they the whole reason for the fight?"  ~Anonymous

Hi everyone.  I'm finally putting my guild idea out there.  This is starting from the ground up and I'd like to invite people looking for a gaming guild that's just starting out.  The Endless Host's narrative will be one of balance, of fighting to make sure the tyranny of order and the chaos of unbridled freedom never hold too much sway.  We will be focused primarity on gameplay content, warfare, crafting, and kingdom building, but also absolutely open to roleplay and storytelling, as it is close to my heart being a tabletop gamemaster and RPGer for many years.  Roleplaying, however, will never be something that ever gets in the way of theorycrafting and finding your own personal reasons to enjoy the games you play.  While Crowfall is the first game community I've approached, if we get the guild going strong, it certainly won't be the last.  I envision The Endless Host as a guild of friends, and not game-specific.  We will have a presence in other games based on interest and participation.  But, since I'm probably the most excited about Crowfall, I wanted to focus my energy here for the time being. 

I have a Discord server set up for forums and voice chat.  There is also a website.  The website is rather bare bones, at the moment, since I don't have the time or capability to make it fancy.  Feel free to stop in and say hi on the site, The Endless Host.com. Also, leave me a message here if you're interested.

"Knowledge is the unparalleled instrument of peace, but even knowledge requires the sword to keep enemies at bay."

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