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Just my 2 cents I watched a few monthly QnA videos and they mentioned how the scaling of numbers is not set yet. Just like to say I think a smaller number system can still be satisfying and not clutter your screen with huge crit numbers like 50000-500000.  Double digit to triple digit damage and having the crits be four digit or three digit numbers would be my preference. Others feel the same? 

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Numbers hardly matter for me.  All that matters is TTK (Time to kill).  If the fights are long enough to be a healthy and enjoyable fight then it doesn't matter if I'm criting for 1,000 or 1,000,000.

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im all for double digit normal attacks and trible digit crits. Easy to read and easy to follow.

On their part it should not be any difference between 1879 dmg and 18,79 dmg the play will just see 19 dmg on the screen and 18,79 in the combat log.


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