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Eternal Kingdom Purchases


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Hello All,

I have purchased a pledge pack a 6 months ago and now that EK is live i am keen to try out my items. However its not clear to me if EK are affected by wipes.

This is if I place my fort now will i still have it after future wipes?

Cheers everyone


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When they wipe, they reset all your purchases so you can place them again.




In the lobby you will find a button that allows you to pull your entitlements, i.e. the contents of your pledge package(s), into the game.  A few notes about importing these entitlements:

  • Not all entitlements will be available immediately. We are still building a lot of these assets, and we will allow you to claim them as the art is added to the game.
  • Some kits or bundles (such as stronghold kits, which contain a collection of palisades, castle walls, towers, etc.) will be partially available. You’ll be able to redeem them, but you’ll only be able to claim some of the items that they will eventually contain. In some cases, we are also “pre-attaching” elements that we intend to eventually allow you to attach (like merlons on the top of castle walls).
  • Claiming entitlements will NOT burn them permanently! At various times during this testing process, we will need to wipe the game database, including all kingdoms. This is a normal, and inevitable, part of game testing. When this happens, we will reset all of the entitlement flags so that you can claim them again in the following test.
  • We will (of course) let you claim them again after we launch!
As an additional note: once you claim an entitlement or a bundle in the playtest, you will not be able to gift that entitlement or bundle to another account until the next wipe! Also note that breaking a bundle to redeem any of its contained items will mark the whole bundle as redeemed. In other words, once you have committed these items to the game, that becomes their new home, at least until the test concludes.



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5 hours ago, tobzvd said:

@KrakkenSmacken thanks. sorry for the late reply

Wow, a couple of weeks for a thank you.  

You must be Canadian to remember weeks later to both thank and apologize to someone in a single sentence.



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