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A short story about my first experience with SWG


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Hi there,

I just recently backed into this project and reading this forum I just felt like talking about my first experience with SWG and why it was the best experience I ever had in a video game up to this day.

So before I begin I just wanna say it's a bit of a read but in terms of the actual experience this is a very short story, I hope you enjoy and can relate somehow.


Back before SWG launched in my country of Belgium I was following the game, eagerly awaiting the moment I could start playing it. I was about 10-12 years old then I think and in my mind I always thought the game would let you really 'live' in the Star Wars galaxy. From watching the video's and especially the one part where Imperial Troops were patrolling on Endor I got the idea that that's what this game would be about. I was completely ready to be working my way up the chain and patrolling the sand's of Tatooine with my fellow comrades.

Now when the game actually launched I had totally forgotten about it and I happened to stumble upon it in my local video game store.
No question I quickly bought it and convinced my dad somehow to compensate the monthly cost and so it began.


There was something about this game, I had no idea what the game actually was like because I didn't put research into it like I do now with a lot of games.

I choose to start a Rodian called Tartat Ktods on the planet of Talus. There wasn't much going on, not many people around. I didn't even know how to chat. So I went to this funny looking terminal and must of done something there because now I could see some golden light far away, and I embarked on my first mission.
There were some criminals there I remember but I didn't actually have a clue this was my mission or what the golden light ray was, I went there to investigate that light in the first place.
That mission must of been the most exciting mission I had ever done in the game because I started running away when I noticed my health bar got really low and I thought this would be the end of Tartat Ktods, got me really scared at that time. I then found out the incap mechanic and it took me a few seconds to realise I wasn't actually dead.

Some day's later I came across this smuggler guy, I was rocking my DH17 carbine and he told me that if I would give him my weapon he would "slice" it for me, for free. Obviously this guy was trying to steal my weapon and it sounded too good to be true, so I told him it was a nice try and moved along..

I still didn't have much clue about the game or what I was doing until a stranger offered me a place to call home. A town of other players he said. They gave me a house and a Kaadu mount and I started living and doing everything around the town from then on out.

It  actually took  me about a week or 3-4 before I first realised there was a spaceport and I could fly to other planet's, amazing! So off I was on my first trip to Tatooine.
Little did I know this would now become my home one day.

My first experience with Tatooine was... vast. I accepted a mission in Mos Espa where I arrived that led me to the desert and once I completed my mission I didn't know how to get back to town. I must of wandered around the desert for a few hours completely lost until I saw a camp like thing far away on a mountain.
It's there that I met this strange hermit who danced for me, telling me it would make my wounds better. So I watched him on his request and we talked a bit and I explained him I was lost and was trying to get back to town and it's there that I discovered there was a map when you press ctrl + v and also that I had a personal light with ctrl + l. I never saw that guy again as far as I can remember but I'll never forget it.

From there on out I would mostly hang around my home planet Talus with my guild and I also made some friends on Naboo where I now had a second house near Theed. The one guy who was an american always made fun of my little rodian and his name but deep down I knew he liked me. We actually lived right next to each other by the lake over the hill (i think)

Months later as I got better at the game I got more into PvP and I joined in organized battles. On Tatooine there was always a lot of fighting going on especially between 2 neighbouring cities called ANG & TSA, ANG were the Imperial ones and German and TSA were the rebels, they were Swedish.

One day I joined a large battle that was going to raid TSA and Imperials from all over the galaxy grouped up at the city of ANG. It's there that I first realised I didn't like being an Imperial and that I liked the rebel side of things, being the under dog. So after that battle I switched sides and to my suprise the rebels were really nice people, they had a sub guild in TSA called the red devils or rDe short and they were like some kind of elite special forces, always pvping, always active for battle.

Because only Swedish talking people could join TSA I joined with the red devils and then I met my best friend in game, a jedi named Luthos Kendar. We always hanged around and he was a very nice person.
Then one day he send me an email saying he could no longer play his account because of power outage for a period. I didn't know the full circumstance but he said he would be inactive for a few months or a good period. So I asked him if I could play on his account and to my suprise he send me his log in credentials.  I felt so honoured by his trust.
I got his jedi way more active in PvP and ended up being the first Jedi Sentinel in-game on my server. Luthos Kendar went on to be one of the most active and respected Jedi's fighting in the GCW.
By the time he got back CU had actually already happened and the NGE was around the corner. It is at this time he became active again and took over and it's about at that time I quit the game just after NGE happended.

I played on the Euro-Chimaera server.

So there you go, that's about my story and my experience of SWG in a relative short story of what I can remember right away.


The one thing that I get when I think back to those day's and my first MMO experience is that I miss not knowing anything. Experiencing it for the first time and having no clue. It was al so magical back then and then you start figuring everything out. I miss that game!

So I guess you could say, ignorance is bliss :)

Many greetings from Belgium and happy to be part of this community and very excited for this game, best of luck to the team!

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I enjoyed your story. Thanks for posting.

I was surprised at how similar your story was to mine. Almost identical, except different planets and a different server (Eclipse -- Still waiting for some players from that server to surface around here.)

+1 on SWG being an insanely amazing game.. Definitely my favorite of all time hands down.

Jared Jackson, Software Engineer
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You mentioned that you miss not knowing anything when you start a game. This is why I (mostly) stopped paying attention to news updates for Crowfall; I already know that I'm going to play the game. I want to experience that sense of learning and exploring. Like you, I had that experience with Star Wars: Galaxies, and rarely since then.

Formerly Scin Karetyr, a native of Chilastra in Star Wars Galaxies

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On 5/4/2017 at 6:26 PM, Jlane said:

I was surprised at how similar your story was to mine. Almost identical, except different planets and a different server (Eclipse -- Still waiting for some players from that server to surface around here.)

Woo, Eclipse represent! I still kinda miss my Zabrak bounty hunter, a decade and a half later.

Edit: I started a tiny guild on Eclipse called the Rorian Corsair Alliance, originally based west of the Rebel Outpost. Moved to Dantooine when cities were introduced, making the guild name kind of... out of place. Always really liked Rori for some odd reason though.

Edited by nivalis
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On 5/5/2017 at 1:26 AM, JJackson said:

I was surprised at how similar your story was to mine. Almost identical, except different planets and a different server (Eclipse -- Still waiting for some players from that server to surface around here.)

Ever buy a Pope made gun ? :ph34r:

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