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Please FIX your E-Mail Practices.

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There is absolutely no reason this day and age to have any more then 1 or maybe 2 email address that anyone should ever receive content from a business on a non personal level.

I should not have to create new filters weekly because you have some new email address that you wish to send your news letters from.

Please if you are going to use anything to send us mail that is newsletters or anything use info@crowfall.com  if its billing / account / or anything related help use support@crowfall.com. Why the world are you a "Professional" company sending me emails from places like "The Crowfall Team <info@mail03.traviangames.com>", then from "The Crowfall Team support@crowfall.com via mail4.atl111.rsgsv.net", that one is totally professional and expected, but then you have this, *@artandcraftentertainment.com and  *@artcraftent.com.

  This is highly unprofessional and also makes it so much easier for people to spoof your emails because you can't even give us an official email and domain to expect where its coming from.


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We are actively working to improve our email practices. One recent change we've made is to give everyone a way to opt in and out of our weekly newsletter via their Account settings. We've got plans to do more, too, and are always receptive to hearing feedback. 

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