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Anyone know where these one off stats show?

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So the first Motherlode (ore) limiter is the gems %. I have to train that for me to be able to receive gems as drops from Motherlodes and those stats are easy to find. What I am curious of is if anyone has seen where these more obscure 'skills/stats' reside? I can see where I have stats about less durability loss of my tools but no where in the [ I can find a set of stats where i have enhanced damage on Motherlodes. Is what I have in training here all I have? Do I gain more from other skill selections?



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I think a percentage of standard mining skill carries through as your pick mining stat matters with motherlodes.   Perhaps like a percentage of basic crafting carries through to any crafting familiarity.   I am sure that leadership will enhance motherlode quarry as well as possible vessel additives and even disciplines slotted.

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