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Speaking Of The Hunger...


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Since Crowfall revolves around the concept of hunger and death, I think its only right to create this thread where we discuss our favorite type of food when your dying of hunger!!!


List your perfect meal here when your dying from hunger:


I'll start, A 3-cheese lasagna, with mozzarella, cheddar, and provolone. A side house salad with blue cheese dressing, and a glass of cola in a Kingly cup!  :D


P.S - this does not belong in off-topic, because hunger is one of the main topics in Crowfall hehe  B) 





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lol wow..my topic got moved to off-topic <_<  

Your advanced explanation/protests were in vain!  Nevertheless there's plenty of attention down here in the lower realms.


I can't really think of just one meal.


salmon/wild rice/asparagus

antipasto/roasted chicken/roasted potatoes

hamburger/sweet potato fries

I'll stop now since I could go on for days.


The Chronicles of Crowfall           The Free Lands of Azure            RIP Doc Gonzo.

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If you hadn't seen my thread, you should know I just got my braces on, so all my favorite foods can go bye. But before that, I liked most chewy fruity candy, pizza, Chinese food, potato chips, cheesy Cheetos, ice cream, chicken, sandwiches, hamburgers, the list goes on but I'll stop there.


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Hmm too many things that I love but I'll throw a few out there:



Japchae (with bulgogi)

Shoyu Ramen


Salisbury steak/mashed potatoes/green beans

What is Pancit?


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Kentucky Elk? or do you come out west for the big boys?

My dad goes out west. He is going again this year. 

I have yet to get a chance to go. Stuck on these KY Whitetails until then. 

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What does it taste like?  The elk not the potatoes.

Less wild or "gamey" than deer.

Similar to beer, with a more unique flavor, almost sweet. Really brings it out when you cook it rare. I eat beef steak medium well, but the rarer the better with Elk, imo.

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