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Champion 1v2


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5 hours ago, SirGeorge said:

I like how you hit your abilities and none of the debuffs activated :P

You did solid, but you must of landed your 3rd LMB 4 times and it only applied it once lol  such a broken AT atm. 

Yeah I dont know if theres diminishing returns on it? Maybe :-D 

3 hours ago, VIKINGNAIL said:

You have the cleanest movement I've seen of any player in a crowfall video.  Nice to see a decent player making videos finally. 

Thanks! I'll try and put more up when I have some interesting footage.

3 hours ago, coolwaters said:

Pretty fantastic IMO.

Lol thanks :-) 

My Twitch - My Youtube - Apply to Vanguard HERE!

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