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Sticks and stones - Official discussion thread

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Forge master looks a heck ton shorter than in the concept art... not that that's a bad thing, but he's definitely a dwarf now :P

Engine (lighting) upgrade looks *amazing*! And yes, I'd think so too Yumx: Chaos and order seem to be displayed!

How  many reveals are there Pann, the hints are too diverse to be only one or two! q.q

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Okei so people have allreay said this, but it looks like disciplines, and also all classes revealed and also a new world/campaign. So everything will be released and one time ? Very neat though.

seems like there is going to be alot of new schtuff at once :) 

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Really like the look of the staff with the weapons...

I think my biggest take away from the screen shots is that is a mighty fine looking bush.....Big fan of the bush.

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Honestly, if it's soft launch or whatever, the game will flop.

The performance is way too much down now to be able to see an open beta or soft launch yet, they need to iron it hard.


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So I'm gonna make my guess as to the Big reveal.  Repost them everyday, even if it sounds exceptionally dumb at the time.  Lets see if I can get it right.

Three Big changes

Disciplines - All ATs will now have access to their Disciplines for their class.  Due to wanting to test it out (and things not be gated behind skill training at first) Disciplines will require you to equip a passive. Granting you access to skills of that discipline.  (You can only equip one Discipline at a time)

Gods Reach - A new CW is added in the form of Gods Reach, a big world map split into multiple factions.  Each faction will have a keep that they can build utilizing local POIs and carting their materials to their keep. Be vigilant though, as carting material slows you down and other Factions can loot you. This is important as each keep requires a material tied exclusive to multiple POIs. So you have to enter Enemy territory to obtain it. If those materials are not looted off from you, they will fizzle out when you resurrect. 

Factories - are now added to the game. When opened factories will show a screen with a Blueprint slot, a feeder cache and an output cache. Equipping the factory with a blueprint and providing materials for it will produce mass produced materials. However blueprints will have a max quantity of 20 units it can produce. Mass produced materials cannot be blueprinted.

Other but notable changes

Crafting -

  • New item: Artisan Kit.  Requires 100 wood, 100 ore, and 100 stone.  Artisan kit when consumed grants a 5 minute buff, that dramatically increases Assembly and Experimentation rates. 

Spirit Banks -

  • Spirit Banks can only be accessed at temples or keeps. And can no longer be accessed if you are in combat or stealthed.
  • Spirit Banks will be wiped.

Harvesting -

  • Chest no longer produce leather or apples.
  • Animals now scale in level depending on what server they are on.

Assassin added to the game.

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Looks to me like the last few ATs are gonna be implemented. Can't say much for disciplines as I haven't gotten that far on my research just yet. Very hyped for what they might be tho, as the general concept you guys seem to be going with seems to be providing more depth to an already infinitely deep game. Love it!

I really like how the lore accompanies or complements the more "structural" nature of these reveals. Makes the reveals more immersive and, at least to me, a lot more interesting.


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I believe the Massive they told us about is that we will see a lot of stuff coming at once. The disciplines and the any-weapons for a class is pretty much obvious now, but it seems we will also see a graphic upgrade incoming. Maybe the first CW may really happen too...

The enviroment in these pics look gorgeous...

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My guess is: Thralls and a sort of tracking system will be introduced. The assassin and *maybe* frostweaver will be added.

If a graphics overhaul, like those in todays pic gets added I will be extremely pleased.




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