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Hey Guys,

I thought I might present some of the video guides I used to expand my knowledge on the game, thinking that other people trying to learn about the game between tests might find them useful as well. I will update this list as I continue my journey through the Crowfall YouTube section.


  •  ZybakTV          In his beginner videos, he takes a bit of time to explain the game in terms someone who doesn't know much about the game's core mechanics like crafting or the different   Archetypes can understand. I linked you his Crowfall playlist above.


  •  That_Eriksson   He dedicated his entire channel to Crowfall and does a pretty decent job of explaining the game in terms that newcomers can easily understand. He is also part of the Crow's Nest podcast that reports on Crowfall news and aims to keep you in the loop about what's happening with the game.


  •   itsZiz                 Ziz has a ~25 video Crowfall playlist with video topics ranging from Beginner Guides to Siege PVP. Out of the three, he probably offers the most diverse content as far as showing different aspects of the game are concerned.


If you have any content creators you can recommend or you think should be on this list, please let me know. I'm always looking for people who do a good job of explaining the concepts behind the at times very complex and overwhelming concepts Crowfall offers, and it's also great fun to see the different voices of the Crowfall community in a more personal and lifelike manner than you do here on the forums. Have a great day!


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I stream every day on twitch, and am going to start compiling together footage into videos this week now the test is over! :D I try to be as informative as possible in my streams, and I highly encourage asking questions :) 

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