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Any Guilds for "younger people" out there?

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Hey guys - 

So my son is really getting into Crowfall now; I was not sure if he would like it but he does and is even cool with the risk of full looting etc which I thought might put him off.   Anyway, He is 12 (Gaming since 10) and not really a fit for what I plan to do in CF so he asked me if he join a different guild or start a new one?

So first question - Is there a younger persons guild already in development?

Second, Sanity Check:  Is starting a guild at 12 totally ridiculous?   If not, well, he is a pretty good gamer already, knows how to build a website etc and has access to all the resources of a 2015 Sapphire pledge.  He also leads his group of 15 or so friends in Overwatch and got some leadership skills in NWO PVP as well.

Suggestions appreciated.


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I love this posting. Really do.

But your question depends on a lot of things that depend on a lot of things ... or on nothing at all. Depends. ;)

As for the first question:
I don't know.

As for the sanity check:
You care for your son and you give his gaming habits and circumstances serious thoughts. Thats the most important thing of all. Kudos for that.

After all, playing is a simulation of live under more secure circumstances. It's major purpose is training (generally good). But it can also be used for compensation (can (not have to) be/enhance/lead to a problem). It will only be a problem, if in the long term someone comes to prefer positive feedback in gaming over positive feedback in what some people might call real live - just because (or if) it is easier to be achieved via gaming.

In my experience, the important thing is to come to understand, that playing/training/gaming is PART of the real life. It's not some kind of an other world. We are always still ourselves and we are always still in the same world, still interacting with real people. We might do/test something we usually - under more serious circumstances - wouldn't dare to. But that's ok ... it's just more useful for our own development if we are aware of this (or someone leads/moderates the process).
And in my view it is most important to communicate and enhance exactely this understanding: Playing/Training/Gaming means that this is a test environment, use it ... but you are still in the real world, always remember and respect this.

What might be the best way depends (in my opinion) a lot on the general gaming culture in a specific country. There are really huge differences. But whatever the differences might be, the above mentioned basics are generally true.

Will he be able to lead others? He already does in OW. Creating a guild in CW might bring him to a new level. Will he be able to compete with intensively playing adults who focus on compensation? Debatable. Probably not. But it might help him to recognize his place within the world and to focus not (only) on what others are able to achieve, but foremost on what he and his group can achieve and to be proud of their own individual progress and the coherence they develop. And on the way he might train his leadership skills by making this happen.

Is 12 too early for such a challenge? Depends. On the personal stage of development, the gaming environment, the social structures, the parental guidance, and so on. In general: Experience is experience. Some experiences are good. Some are bad. All experience lead to certain effects.

If he wants to start a guild, why not giving him the chance to give it a try. He will make his experiences anyway. This way or the other. But obviously you seem to be a caring parent. So i guess you will be able to accompany and support him on the way, whatever it will be. I wish both of you all the best.

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@Kraahk NICE reply - Much appreciation for taking the time to put all that out there.

You really outlined quite a bit that had been on my mind.

I think I am going to let this hang out there a bit longer and see what other parents think and/or gain some support.  But in the end I will let him move forward with it and guide where I can add value without taking away from "His Experience" - as you outlined.  

I will have him start outlining his website and Guide Recruiting message this weekend....... a bit early maybe but good practice.  Heheheh and living in Costa Rica - trust me that he gets a lot of home schooling and extra assignments :)

Semper Fi





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To answer your first question. Not sure if what you were looking for a guild with just a younger crowd or if you wanted something family friendly.

As for your sanity check starting a guild might be a little ambitious without ever being part of a real one before, and age doesn't play a huge factor in guild management as much as maturity. Leading a small team isn't really similar to managing people either there's a difference between shot calling at a micro level vs decision making at a Macro one. You should ask him what he wants out of the game first casual / hardcore / economic / PvP before deciding what to do. 

Note: Didn't read Kraahk's reply but he normally gives good ideas.

Sugoi ! - Head of Disciplinary Committee


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"I" am not looking for "Me" :)

My Son "Thorns" and I were both looking @ guilds for "Him".  We played NWO in a family friendly guild for about year but I had to actually play in 2 guilds because I was much more in to PVP.  He later got into PVP but never joined my other guild because it simply was not "suitable" for him.  The thing is, we enjoy playing together (And he is GOOD and loves playing "Support") but I can be kind of a "bummer" - he feels inhibited - And I get it!  So I am all for him "Enjoying" the game with people more his age......... with boundaries!

I get it on the ambitious note - I ran a guild back in AC1 and ....... heheheh no more!  But as Kraahk pointed out "It would provide some good life learning opportunities"  - I fully support that....even the failures.  Plus he does have a 26 year Tech PM and Former Marine as a helpful mentor......even if he is a pain in the @$$!

The more I ponder on it - I think it just a good idea to push him in the pool and see if he can swim....... worst that can happen is that it does not work out - but at least he "tried" 

Thanks for the suggestions on management - Economics is one of the "Hidden" lessons this game has to offer - along with "CONSEQUENCES"!!


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7 minutes ago, Koldo said:

Some of the most talented players I've ever had in my guild were 10-12 yearolds who played like no tomorrow.  By the time they were 13-14 they were pretty much unstoppable in 1v1s and could easily 3v1 on most classes.

He is starting down that road......... I started him on home school typing and the little Sh!+ is a commando - I have been working on Comps since before the 286 and still 'Peck".  I have no doubt that in a year or so he will be "Carrying" me in PVP battles :) 

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He can always make a guild with his friends from overwatch.

Him starting his own guild is not a bad idea, if he is already old enough to be playing the games he should be gaining experience and wisdom on as many aspects of the game as he can.  This will teach him leadership skills and how to manage different personalities and situations (including drama) which can help him outside of the internet. 

Just please, whatever you do, don't hug emote his character in public.

Obviously as a parent and with games you want to give him his freedom to do his own thing, but at his age you should still be keeping an overlooking eye on what he is up to. 


Skeggold, Skalmold, Skildir ro Klofnir

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10 hours ago, VIKINGNAIL said:

Just please, whatever you do, don't hug emote his character in public.

^^ NO issue there!

Sound stuff on the rest - 

Sounds like he has 2 already from OW. Describing the "consequences" in this gâme is a little daunting for most of his crew......

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One thing to think about for his guild, is just what band they plan on operating in.

For a smallish group of friends, the outer bands with three pre-defined teams and teammates all working for the same goal would probably be better than a bunch of youngsters trying to survive the dregs.

Another thing to think about, is that guilds can also become a huge time suck on people, especially the leaders.  In my experience, it's very hard, and emotional, to pull away if you find it necessary to take a break/quit if you're in a position with people relying on you to fill a that role.

As a parent that's probably the biggest thing to watch for, the game and leadership role becoming an obsession, simply because most younger people don't have the emotional experience and self awareness to fall back on that adults should.

That is another reason to pick a band that has other player support built into the model.

MOBA's with short limited fights/goals are easy to keep teams/friends together. Open and changing worlds, is a whole other level of commitment.

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FYI = MasterBuilder is my other account I got for my Son and accidentally posted with


We were just talking about the "Bands" last night...... playing that loosely right now.  Also looking into "Sub-Guilding" and what value they could add to another guild.  He really likes the "no man can do it all" aspect of the game...... and thinking of making a guild specializing in "Harvesting" - In any case - cool to watch a young kid just starting out in his theory crafting :)


Also; I think he is looking to keep the guild rather small and not even "set" upon being the "Guild Leader" ...... as we discussed....one of my favorite sayings is  “Try Not to Become a Man of Success. Rather Become a Man of Value.”  and really worked on Teamwork defining.  He may start the guild and soon find a much better person to actually "Lead".....

All good stuff :)

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I started my first guild at around 13. You have the disadvantage of less experience and less cash to throw at games but the advantage of enthusiasm and (potentially) more time on your hands. No reason at all his guild couldn't succeed. Especially if he is aiming it at the younger audience most guilds exclude and has an adult (you) to help him a big with organization, building infrastructure like a website and Teamspeak/Discord, and making more level headed decisions.

"To hell with honor. Win."

A Beginner's Guide to Crowfall (5.8.5 Edition)


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