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A friendly reminder about off-topic posts and trolling

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Every once in a while, it seems appropriate to remind everyone of our Rules of Conduct, especially the bits about trolling and off-topic posts. 

  • Do not accuse others of trolling. This is a form of trolling itself and it is actionable. 
  • Do not veer away from the topic of the thread with off-topic comments. That is also actionable. 
  • Do not respond to posts where someone is personally attacking you or trolling you or posting off-topic remarks. This is also actionable. Use the Report feature instead. 
  • If someone continually irritates you on the forum, use the Ignore feature to put them on your personal "pay no mind" list. 

In-game rules will be much different, and those are also presented in the Rules of Conduct. 




Valerie "Pann" Massey, Director of Community

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<3 Pann - so easy to modurate when all are gone almost concerning the old dusty RoC, but I`m back so u will so u have something to do on this forum and in Texas. And I can`t work so I`ve a lot of sparetime dedicate to this particular forum. I miss my warning points for argue with the ACE staff, at least Gordon - he is an old school developer.;)

hehe, maybe I don`t miss them and it was probably well deserved warning points some years ago. Anyway, not too serious. :)

Edited by mythx


Crowfall Game Client: https://www.crowfall.com/en/client/

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