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Memory Lane...img Dump


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Been a long time.....Crowfall got me thinking about the days from long ago.   Here are some picks from early sb beta through release.   Anyone else still got old picks?













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Glad you got and kept a screenshot of the greatest single killer in SB history: sb.exe, now if only we had one for water.

Like this



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nothing like logging in, then going to grab a snack, come back and you were killed by water because the game was buggy. good times.


Those beta screenshots: nice. Never seen movable trebs before lol

In one thread here, think is the wp/sbg dev  one, Ashen talks about them. You had to bring the trebs from your city to the city you were sieging.

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Siege equipment were like pets all the way up to just before release.   You would build a tent hidden near a city, buy your treb then slowly walk to the city you wanted to siege. 

Another trick back then was to go inside buildings and siege from the inside out.   Also created a choke PT at the door.    One of the exploits with equipment is you could synch up the attacks and queue up the launches by running some quick commands.  It would instantly melt a wall or building.



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So many memories.  I will share two of the highest and lowest.



One of my favorite beta moments  - setting a self-imposed challenge playing a Shade-only nation (The Stillborn) with Ranger healers and no summoners.  The entire server went RP style.  It was epic fun watching hardcore PvPers roleplay with developer run Feature Characters.





Exactly, always loved the teleport to the bottom of the ocean/stam death.


One of my last moments in SB, and what killed the game for me, was the hacking.




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