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Our Moderators are members of the community who are kindly donating their precious time to keep these forums safe! They're community members, just like all of you, and don't have access to secret information or anything like that. 


I'm really appreciative of the the team we've selected, we communicate over forum issues in a private board and not once have they tried to ask questions about Crowfall that we haven't already disclosed to the public. 


Moderation can be seen as thankless task to some, but those who excel take solace that it is done for the good of the overall community. We're always on the look out for great community members we feel would be a good fit and often reach out to see if they are interested. 


Is it possible for us to apply for a Moderator?


And is there any other way for us to contribute to the game development? Maybe donations?

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Hey Developers - I work in Cloud Computing Architecture @ VMware/EMC.


I am curious if Crowfall will leverage any cloud providers like AWS, vCloud Air or EMC Hybrid Cloud? Storage as a Service etc...

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Hi Devs -


Has there been any discussion of establishing a system like the Herald system from Shadowbane?  I'm not too familiar with the success the Herald system saw, but I think the idea has merit in the Crowfall arena.  Having someone around to chronicle the rise and fall of a realm could have some incredible results.  


I know we have a resident expert on the Heralds among us:


Thanks for all the hard work.  You've begun something monumental here.

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Will there be founder packs/pledge levels etc., and when?

Will you be launching on Steam?

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Thank you so much for this post.  I think it brings final closure to some very deep wounds from so long ago.


For me, Shadowbane was a deeply moving experience.


It was my first real PvP game - sure I played UO but I spent most of my time wandering around killing rabbits or mining ore.  In SB Alpha I bumped into a couple guys farming lizardmen, they asked me to join, we became good friends and my gaming resume took a hard left turn into the hardcore territory of old-school PvP/PK guilds.  Reds.  Murders.  And empire builders.


It was my first time experiencing the camaraderie of a guild.  SB was a game to have friends.  You fought and died together.


It was my first interaction with a development team, as passionate about gaming as I was myself becoming.  WP was making a game they wanted to play.  I wanted to play it with them. 


It was my first time investing my own time and energy into the creation of a game by doing my little part.  Other than the promise of a great gaming experience, I had nothing to gain.  There was no fortune on the line for me.  I had a steady job unrelated to the success or failure of the game.  But I poured myself into it.  I posted on forums.  I volunteer moderated forums.  I wrote articles.  I too was "All In."


To this day, I have never had  a more an engaging and satisfying experience in a game than the year+ in the SB beta.  I could see the vision, and I wanted it too.  The rise and fall of cities and empires.  So this is what a game could offer!  It was so much more fulfilling than solo adventuring!  The legends being made were greater than the pixels.


And then it all came crashing down.  Within 2 months of release, I could no longer bear to play.  I felt angry and betrayed by fellow players (hackers and those who implicitly or knowingly supported the activity), by Wolfpack for not being able to code a game without sb.exe, and myself for getting into the position of caring so much about a recreational hobby.


While I continued to play MMOs after SB, I stepped away from games still in development.  If a game ended up sucking, I just quietly left.  No big deal - I wasn't going to get burned again.


I invested my time into my son, who started to play games while sitting in my lap (Goggle "3 year old kid playing WoW" and see what you find!).  And then on his own (he started to learn to read by figuring out noob zone quests in WoW).  And then on his own computer next to me.


And more recently I focused my time into an online community, Lords of the Dead.  The games themselves don't have to be all that great if you are having fun with online friends.


And then, just when I thought I got comfortable..... "Play2Crush!"  I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I was hesitant to fall into the same pitfalls of the past.  I had more questions than answers (my forum profile picture has a question mark for a reason). 


Then things started to get interesting.  I found myself checking back into the forums daily.  Then multiple times daily.  Then with some of the recent info drops I spent most of the day reading and commenting in 20 page long threads.  As I recently wrote in my forum profile, "Fast forward 12(ish) years, and here we go again!"


The other day I was trying to summarize my current thoughts about Crowfall in a single sentence.  I came up with this:


Crowfall is a second chance at a once in a lifetime game.


Well said, Ren.


My feelings too, especially after seeing the passion this team has for the game. I know it will be up to us to help them see what needs more work during the testing phase, but I'm confident they will approach solving every issue from the right point of view.


Once in a lifetime game, I can't wait.


I got hooked with D&D, then AD&D (pen & paper). I was the first kid on the block with an Apple IIc. My friends and I used to unlock Ultima & Wolfenstein and rebuild our own dungeons. We would spend our nights and weekends playing MUD's or getting together for board games like Shogun or Axis & Allies.


What most games can't and don't put into place is that feeling of "That's a great carrot, but poorly made socks-look at the stick".


It's too often a tiny little carrot and rarely anything bigger than a dry twig.

Piikaa / Pkaoo



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Hi yoh, I am indeed working on creatures! :)

Awesome love, keep up the great work.

I think the hunger is a really cool concept and allows a lot of creative possibilities on otherwise traditional fantasy settings and creatures.

Beyond the usual black goopy stuff that tends to be prevalent with corruption themes.


I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for Wyverns.

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vague hint:

"I <3 D'Orion" 


now, to your real question:


I am ALL IN on Crowfall.  I've invested a big chunk of my savings.  I left my cushy job.  I gave up my safe little nest, and took a bold (arguably foolhardy) leap into the unknown.




Because I HAVE to make this game.


March, 2004: Shadowbane basically ruined me.  I put everything I had into Wolfpack; I crunched for years.  I spent all the money that I made from selling my previous company.  I lost friends.  I alienated family members.  I'm not going to go so far as to say "shadowbane caused my divorce", but I will say: it certainly didn't help.


We shipped it, yes. and it sold well. But it was riddled with issues (technical, design, and operational) that caused it to bleed players like a sieve. 


All that effort, all that cost, all that pain. and it just didn't work. We lost.


We sold the company to find a soft landing for the team.   The founders?  No such luck.  Unemployed. 


I had invested everything in Shadowbane, and walked away with almost nothing.  For about a year, I basically fell off the grid, didn't do much of anything but think about what went wrong.  


I'm over that, now.  I'm not longer haunted by 'this went wrong' or 'that went wrong'.  I'm years past the autopsy. 


What haunts me is this: it ALMOST worked.......



Todd, you probably don't need to hear this at this point in your career, but I'll say this anyway.


1. Shadowbane was a GREAT game for the time I played it, which was about a year.  It did many NEW things that no other MMO at the time did, and did them well.  Did it have its hiccups?  Sure.  But what MMO doesn't?  Don't we all remember the launch of games like Anarchy Online, which you could barely move around in during Beta??  The Walls you could see through in EQ?  The pathing bugs??  etc etc.  We deal with it and move on.


2. Wizard 101 was of the THE most fun games to play.  My entire family played it.  For months.  My 13 year old played it.  My 7 year old played it.  My WIFE played, it, and she Hates most video games!!  Truly an accomplishment.  And beating Malistaire (After you removed his impossible God Status hit points) was entirely fulfilling, which brings me to....


3. ...The desire to have a game, that has an END GOAL.  As in, "After a year of work, you just beat the last Mega-Boss in the game, congrats, you are now the High Poomba of Demonslaying" or whatever.  A sense of accomplishment.  Followed by rolling my next alt and doing it again.  This could also apply to crafting, or exploring.


4. Please restore dependency on others.  I don't mean having to form a massive Raid party to accomplish something.  I'm talking about the little things.  Someone asking me how to get through an area because there are no maps, and my character started there.  Someone asking for a run-buff.  Someone needing 30 silver bars and some iron to make a sword.  Someone needing a sword with +2 Ogre slaying that I made.  Whatever.  


Last point.  I'm an old fart.  I ride my bike for 70 miles when it's warm.  I don't spend hours playing MMOs, because the current ones are boring, repetitive, and generally empty. (looking at you LOTRO)  But if you can deliver, I'll play this game, for a long time.  And I have plenty of money.


Good luck, and for gods sake remember to sleep occasionally.  Lack of sleep is how coding errors happen.

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For @Mr Coleman is there anything you wished you'd done differently with Wizard101/Pirate101 and the Spiral in general? More specifically in establishing the world, lore, the feel of it all, direction to your team, etc. I liked Wizards because of the lore but there was something lacking almost non-immersive about it that as time went on the questing, the worlds themselves didn't hold my attention as well anymore. There are moments in Wizard101 where lore is very good and truly well written like Avalon and in some places, Celestia lore shines too. But when paired against it's younger brother Pirate101 I feel (and so do many others I've talked to about this) that the pacing, story, lore, and overall feel is night and day. I'm not a complete convert and I'll never walk away from either one (The community is real close knit as you know and I run 2 official sites for both games anyway) but I play Wizards now mostly for the social aspect -- to hang with all the friends I've made there over the past 5 years. I play Pirate101 for the social aspect too but mostly because the story is a damn good one and it keeps me coming back, wanting more. I love story driven games. When individuals see a vision and bring it to life in a game via a beautiful marriage of driven story, gameplay, and aesthetics.


The absolute funniest thing in Pirate 101, when you are promised your first boat.... you think WOW that was fast !!!! and you Race down to the docks to find....






You've been given a RAFT.    :huh: 

I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

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Since crowdfunding will most likely host an option to 'pre-purchase' the game, do you think we Europeans should consider it?

What if we 'pre-purchase' the game via crowdfunding and the European publisher makes the game F2P+P2W or anything different from your pricing model?


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Hi there! 


I spoke to Doc, and he informed me this was the best place to ask... So here goes! 


What is the font used in Crowfall's Game Menus. Is it custom or can I please, possibly, maybe, potentially, have the name of this oh-so-beautiful font! I would very much like to know for use on my guild's website, graphics and more. Crowfall is looking to be my new addiction...





Thanks in advance from across the Ocean!

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Are there any plans to limit players to only using one of their characters in a given campaign?  Encouraging interdependence between players and the complex economies and diplomacy that results from a web of interdependent goods and services seems like a major goal of the developers-- However having one player become mostly self-sufficient by specializing his characters in different ways and just popping between characters when he needs something seems rather counterproductive to this goal as the more specializations  you can utilize personally the less you need to seek out and rely on others.




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Hi Gordon! I had to chance to meet you some years ago at a game design seminar here in Austin when you were working on SWTOR and felt you may have had outside limitations with what you really wanted to do with that IP.


What is 1 thing you really liked about the tech used to make SWTOR?


What is 1 thing you would have changed or improved?


Lastly, which archetype(s) have you enjoyed connecting with the most over the years of playing MMO games? 



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How in depth will the guild/community systems be? Far too many games now lack the community aspect in an MMO when it should be focused. What should we be expecting, as well as looking forward to from Crowfall?

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