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RP Oriented EK Cities - Lellenor and Grixar


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Lellenor and Grixar are available to everyone regardless of your guild affiliation inside the campaigns. In fact people are welcome to form and belong to their own sub factions within these cities. Lellenor are RP oriented cities with open citizenship and open borders to all who wish to live there or visit them.

Lellenor - The City of Order

Lellenor is a PvP disabled kingdom. Beyond the general focus on RP Lellenor is setup as a trade hub where people can come to trade and engage in some RP while they are at it. Power in Lellenor is mainly decided based upon activity and may also grow to include a Republican government. (As in it will be a Republic, not the US political party.) 

The city may see periodic reorganization to allow more active players to live closer to the center of the city as older players go inactive. Players will not be kicked unless we reach our max EK size and need to make space, or we have a problem with how they treat other residents and visitors.

Grixar - The City of Chaos

Grixar is an RP-PvP kingdom. The focus of Grixar is primarily on the more bloodthirsty side of RP. It's divided into two areas. There is a small central area where PvP should be confined to spars and deuling. Outside the walls of this area the there is only one law. Might makes right. The strongest warriors hold the power and they have the right to decide who holds the land near the center regions. Land rights will be redistributed based on the results of a series of spars once a month.


At the moment I am just making this to gauge interest and see who would be on board. I'll refine the rules and structure a bit more if interest levels are high. Please respond to this topic letting me know which city you would wish to belong to if you want to join either city.

"To hell with honor. Win."

A Beginner's Guide to Crowfall (5.8.5 Edition)


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