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A current comprehensive list of Weapons usable for each class?

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I cannot find a list like this anywhere, checked wiki, checked homepage, checked some fan sites..

Is there a webpage that shows exactly what classes can use what weapons?

I am ignoring disciplines for now, just interested in base weapons for each class.


I know Duelist is Pistol and Rapier

I know Knight is 1-Hand Sword + Shield


Can anyone help me out here?  Maybe we can make this list here on the forums.


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Off the top of my head

Knight: One-handed Sword and Shield

Confessor: Book

Templar: Two-handed Sword

Ranger: Bow and dual dagger

Assassin: Dual Dagger

Druid: Mystical Staff

Frostweaver: unknown (even to the devs I think still)

Champion: Two-handed axe (I think, never really played champion much)

Myrmidon: Dual-axes

Cleric: Probably polemaces and polearms (although we cant know for sure as the legionnaire will get a rework to be made into cleric with the race/class split)

Duelist: Rapier and Pistol


I think this is it for the weapons that can be made as basic weapons, but I dont think you actually need to get disciplines in most cases to use others if you got the weapons crafted, the only weapon mastery disciplines in fact that state they grant the equip is bows, shields and scimitars

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What weapon do confessors use in the mainhand? I made a book and it goes in the offhand. I looked through all the basic weapons I can make and I don't see anything. Thanks!

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Templars definitely cant equip 2-handed maces yet (even with the Master of Great Maces discipline rune) I spent a lot of time making one that I cant equip.

But it says they are meant to. I think a lot of the extra weapons people are supposed to be able to use just dont work yet.

Archetypes I am Interested in: Templar, Legionnaire, Myrmidon, Confessor.
Also, Looking for a Guild, preferably Oceanic but also US West works best for me. (Misery)

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Feedback, User Interface;
The Crafting Menu should open up to the Crafting Table you are using when you access it. 
Alchemy Table = Alchemy Tab is open, Basic Crafting is CLOSED

The Regular Crafting Ui Should reopen to the page you were last on before you closed it,
IT ALREADY DOES THIS but for some reason closes that window, and goes back to Basic Crafting 100% of the time. 

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