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Killing Lowers My Stress Levels

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Now that I'm on every watch list out there with a title like that, onto the introduction.

I've played MMOs since late 1999 when I asked my friend, "What does EQ stand for?"  I've spent a fair amount of time in EQ, EQ2, DAOC, and Rift.  I've played most of the other major titles but typically in shorter bursts.  It's been awhile since I've had a new world to explore.  With the 'massive reveal' that happened, CF came up on my MMO feeds and I revisited it after giving it a quick glance before.  This time it was enough to draw me in, and I backed it.  I'm drawn to team PVP and the time-limited campaigns.  I'm no good at free-for-all PVP so you won't find me trying that.  If I do I'm free points.  I typically prefer healing/support classes, and sometimes I delve into archer classes when I have to run solo.

I live with my husband who also games; we reside in New Zealand.  We have no children, only cats, so we play as much as we like.  I work full time as a Civil Engineer and when I'm not playing MMOs I'm really into simulation games like Cities Skylines (but not - never - 'The Sims') and other infrastructure type sim games.  I also enjoy researching my family's genealogy.  

Look forward to testing this game (once I get the basics down...still working on that) and playing it when it goes live.

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