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Shadowbane-Mourning Vets

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Let's hurry this up. I want to play already.

I was perusing the archives on my forum and came across this very old retelling of Mourning's early history from my guild's perspective. Thought some people here might remember a lot of the guilds lis

ahhh..the Kitties...   hail Player!   Excelsior!

Guest Towelie

Avast, ye lot'a bilge water swallerin' nancies! Fancy meetin' some o ya here, who'd'a thunk that aharhar! Looks like The Shipwrecked Pirates be makin' landfall 'ere, tis been too long since I split som a'ya heads an' Cap'n says we be gettin' low on da rum!



You all may remember me as Towelie the thief advocate, the forum troll, and a member of The Destroyer's Legion. I've been playing with the pirates since GW2 beta and were all very excited to see what this things all about..

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I went from Deception to Mourning before switching over to the test server.


Started out in an Irekei guild and then joined up with Thorin's Hammer.

Dragonne Noir - Irekei Thief / Rictuz Dilok Eldalie Elf Channeler

Vir Ghakalar  - Deception

Thurin's Hammers - Deception & Mourning

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I just read some posts from you at emu lolol


Lol I rarely post, but sometimes I do when the moment is right :).  I hope this game is a lot like Shadowbane.  We need a badass PvP MMO with good graphics and player building mechanics.


Formerly known as - AmazingTacoBurito

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