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Shadowbane-Mourning Vets

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Signing in....former member of Eternal Damnation/Shadowed Intent/Whatever we were when tagged under LKK


Brandizzle the Deflar/Youtrollin were the toon names i remember having

Lord Dogmatic, LotD

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I didn't migrate to the Mourning server until 2005. I played with New Grand Republic, Get on our Level, and the Reptilians on that server.


Prior to that, I helped run The Silent Brotherhood on the Treachery and Vengeance servers. We split up into two different factions for the Entropy server, with my guys playing with Crime Syndicate and Teritus/Evalar's crew joining up with "Death's Advocates." This perhaps goes without saying, but their side kinda lost. Back when we only had about 10 people, I think we were the only allies of HeadHunters and Remnants of the Sword when they were fighting the rest of the Treachery server. I also played with 409 and Juevos del Diablo before TSB formed on the Treachery server. Great times.


I played with Wehrmacht on Shadowbane Emulator, broke many promises, and still play with WM on the Magicbane Emulator.


Scourge of the Shadowbane community, Public Enemy No. 1 to the SBEMU Forum Moderators, and member of the "Suppressed Person" faction on the Ubiforums. The man responsible for hooking up Ceska and CheckYoTrack. Also a 21-time World Heavyweight Champion of Shadowbane.

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Yup here I am. Hail players. Love to see the mourning players have such a strong showing. Going to be great playing with you all again


MV,CR,TDL,TNO,IW,DC for a bit. And a bit of OPP.

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just so yas will recognize the OG


thas Original Gonzo to you non Mourning types...


hail Players!


and for the Mourningites....a Blas from the Past (c whut i did thar?)




Holy poorly made socks...the names in that video bring back soooo many good memories.


I've hung out IRL with Parabol, Rael and Guilt....and my night schedule hanging out with Guilt, Bobb, Jee, and Scintelle were my best as a gamer.

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( Hey there stud, and welcome! <3 )


Be lookin' for'd ter 'avin a brew er a fistfight!

Maybe both...


Hope all is well mate. 

- Mayson 

Rerolled /Dark Carnival 

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