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Parcels and newer parcels in game Creation?

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Are we going to be able to expand our kingdom by creating parcels in our EK?  Will we be able to upgrade a large fort into a small castle and eventually a large castle?

Will we be able to create tax-free land parcels?

Will we be able to create a shire, without having to buy the bundles?


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Welcome to the forums.

We will be able to build all the deeds available in the shop as well in game with ingame resources. There are a very few exceptions (like the colossus parcel from the investment campaign) but those exceptions are foremost cosmetically and something functionally similar will be buildable ingame (like the hamlet parcel).

You will be able to build parcels via geomancy. Recipes are already in the crafting menus. But they will cost a lot of resources. And some of those resources may only be found in the campaign worlds. Buying them in the shop is just a question of convinience and supporting the game. You won't be able to transfer strongholds into the campaign worlds - so they won't help you 'winning'.

The so-called tax-free parcels haven't been mentioned by the devs for a long time now. The original statement was that we won't be able to craft those ingame, since they are a kickstarter exklusive reward. But a lot of the EK basics changed since then and we don't know the current plans. Currently a various number of them can be included in some upgrade packages, like the Villa Upgrade Package, depending on your backer level.

The original idea of strongholds changed tremendously since the kickstarter days. You won't get a parcel with a stronghold on it, but a parcel and a lot of building parts. So speaking about upgrading ingame, the question of upgrading is foremost a question of creating more building parts, like walls and such. Or another addition to your Great Hall (like a second floor). As far as we know up to now, beginning with the keep, stronghold main buildings are modular. A regular citadel for example includes the great castles main building. As for buying, ACE also said that they would like to provide the opportunity to trade in smaller strongholds you bought, if you want to buy a bigger one. But we will have to see what is possible und what makes sense in this regard ... later.

Hope this answers your questions so far.


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