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Will KS package special mounts also get the new package mounts?

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No they won't.

You'll get those rewards mentioned in your backer rewards list. If there is a kickstarter nightmare, you'll get a kickstarter nightmare. To be more precise: You'll get the mount and the skin. The mount can die, decay, be stolen. But even then you will be able to put your exclusive kickstarter skin onto a new built mount of this type later. You won't loose the appearance that marks you as a kickstarter.

You can buy mounts/skins of later packages than those you own, though. If you are a kickstarter, you can buy the KS/2015/2016/2017 skins. If you are a 2015 backer, you can buy the 2015/16/17 skin. And so on.

I am not 100% sure if it has been mentioned wether we will be able to build younger skins ingame. But i believe there was something and that this someting was a 'no'. In the end these are just cosmetical benefits with no real effect on gameplay, so you will indeed have to buy specific skins if you want to own them.

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Also side note, check your wallet on your account. If you refunded anything from your KS package you should still be able to purchase any of the mount skins you want and add them into your total package.

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