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[GVL] Gravelords

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Want to know some more about us before you apply? Take it as read.

We originated many years ago on sandbox mmorpg games, as a PK guild. All those games have pretty much died and we have been stuck in limbo about what game to pick next. Trying to avoid P2W games these days is the struggle but we've currently got our focus on Chronicles of Elyria, Ashes of Creation and now Crowfall.

Will my PvP Playstyle fit here?

Excelling in small scale pvp, we have thrived in this form of combat in many games, there will always be people here that are up for some small group PvP, may that be ganking, raiding, fighting larger groups there's a place for that here.

Large Scale PvP, yeah we will for sure take a massive role in Large Scale battles and siege. We have a great team of battle strategists and effective ways that have lead us to Victory and defied the odds in the past.

This group is for the solo PvPer too, as long as you are out killing you have a place with us.

Server: NA-E and EU

We will be on NA-E servers and as well as EU.

Join our Discord Server here

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