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extensive particle effects. Slider needed.

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I haven't been able to test the new build much, but from the little I have been watching of the new disciplines and graphic upgrade in play, the combat neon particle effects seem quite distracting and "over-bright" in group PVP battles. I started loving the new discipline magica effects when i saw them individually. But then when i start to see them in combat it reminds me of the old SWG to NGE surprise of overpowered/overbright partial effects :oB). Or maybe I'm just older and appreciate the dumb down simple visual game response. The too many neon effects currently feels like a seizure coming on if i pvp for too long. lol.

But seriously, I personally would rather appreciate being able to see all the good character animations. Or even some ground/environment physical effects instead of seeing flashy lights in the air we have currently. (where neon color blooms run together too much IMO and feel mostly all magica abilities).

I'd like to see a graphic slider for particles as an option where we can at least dial down and reduce un-needed or non-heads up particle effects. (Some examples would be like removing basic sword swing trail effects, or over bright "pick up resource" effects... etc.) 

Or maybe add different visuals like picture icon effects for "power up" type abilities rather then air swirling neon particles. (like the bard abilities, or Champion "ult warrior" power up having a dim photo icon above head instead of the huge yellow "flash bang" visual. (and really just the character animation and body growing animation is really enough IMO.) 
Melee swings, like from the Knight should maybe not have purple (magical) trail effects. This would help distinguish different classes on the battlefield. Basic melee swings, in my opinion, should have white particle trails at most, as basic melee attacks are not magic. and the ranger yellow flash bang when shooting a bow doesn't look quite right. (the yellow bang effects should come from pistols only).

(I am though, definitely on board with your environment lighting and weather graphic upgrades! Looks great, please go nuts with that! As well as all the different discipline skill customization for different races! More player customization is always better!)

Thoughts? Maybe I'm the only one bothered by too many neon particles in group fights and would like a graphic particle slider? 

**Edit: I hear more tech has yet to come online, (like manipulate the environment/throw things) so maybe i spoke too soon and we have the bright effects in there to maybe just test performance right now. Graphics are indeed looking better each week too.

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