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An Open Letter to the Devs - 5/22/2017

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On 5/22/2017 at 1:12 AM, UnleashTheKraken said:

Currently, with the healing and self heals of some classes, the fights drag on for the better part of an hour. A champion can double leap and reset the fight and a legionnaire can simply run away and self heal while reengaging on his terms. The ability to reset a fight at will and control the tempo is very skewed towards certain classes. Everything equal, fighting certain combinations and classes has led us to fights that have lasted 20+ minutes

I'm excited about this, I like longer fights, and wish this would be the norm.  Nothing you've said gives me any cause for alarm.  I guess it's just a different way of looking at how you like to play.  Personally I've always hated quick 15 second gank fights, and a longer 5-20 minute fight between good players sounds awesome.


On 5/22/2017 at 7:22 AM, excelsias said:

Yeah that's not quite the same as an organized, official arena-based server though?  I'm thinking something that provides quick access to discs, weapons, armor, etc. without the need to craft, and a sanctioned format (again, like CTF).

But I see your point! :)

So do you need me to open up my EK with a few walls thrown up, where people can play 24/7?  A lot of testing of builds is going on, but I guess it's not being seen because it's guilds doing the testing and not a lot of single players.


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