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Greetings my friends,

as so many of you, I also am looking forward to “Crowfall". And therefore I decided to start looking for a Guild that suits me just well. So to start this post I think it would be a good Idea to introduce myself first, where I come from game wise, what sort of experiences I have and what skillset I can provide.

I go by the online name “BCGiant” which stands for the big cheeked giant, which has to do with the fact that I am quite tall and do have big cheeks, but not because I am overweight or anything  I do my fair amount of sports on a daily basis. Now that this is out of the way lets get to the good and more important stuff.

I have been playing MMORPGs since Ever Quest, so for quite a while for almost 20 years now to be precise. In all those years I have been around I gathered a lot of experience. I used to run several Guilds from WoW, Gw2, Wildstar and so on. Over the years I developed a talent for large group pvp situations and overall strategic thinking when it comes to long time goals and so on. My glory days were back when I used to run as a commander in gw2 on NA servers as well as a platoon lead in planetside 2. My latest achievement was as the lead strategist for one of the top guilds in Black Desert Online.

Enough about me lets make a pro and con list:
-Years of experience in PVP based games.
-Experience as a Com., Platoon Lead, and strategist.
-Team player.
-I know my Class. ( I spend time learning every aspect of the class I choose to play)
-Great organizational Skills.

-Real Life job. (sadly my student life is over).
-limited hours. (mostly nights and weekends)

What I am looking for:
I am looking for a progress/semi progress guild that wants to achieve goals and aims to be known on its Server. In BDO the guild limit was 100 so I had to leave the guild because I had to go to work and wasn’t able to play 10 hours a day, hoping to find a guild where that won’t be an issue. The guild I am aiming to join should be friendly and helpful to each other and have a common goal. Also, the guild should always do things together instead of solo players just being in the same guild.

So if your guild sounds like a place for me, feel free to contact me for a nice long chat. As prove I added a Link to a PvP Guide I wrote a while back, this is only the first draft and has been changed to fit certain games.
Mass PvP Guide

I hope to hear from a few great Guilds

Yours truly

The Big Cheeked Giant.

PS: Best way to contact me is under BCGiantSM@gmx.de

Edited by BCGiant
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