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crafter here

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Been looking for a game since I left SWG many years ago that could fill my crafting itch. Being the top armor smith on my SWG server and then having it ripped from me with the dreaded update I have had a bitter taste in my mouth for MMOs.  I played UO before, Warhammer Online for many years after but never had the same feeling as I had on SWG while crafting of all things. I never realized I liked that part of a game until I tried it.

Anyway decided a few months ago to search around for previous SWG developers and what they were working on and came across this game. Been following it for awhile and after the latest combat update to allow for free flow combat, race/class update, graphics update, etc. I jumped in.  The Devs seems great and involved which is awesome.  For me the crafting seems decent and about as close as I may get to my glory days of SWG.  I don't like the fact resources don't have the detail like they did in the other game which made harvesting extremely important, but I can live with that for now. :) 

I plan on grinding out crafting during testing to see how it works and what can be done to tweak it as it moves forward.  Looking forward to getting in game and working with everyone, or killing you, whatever my mood is that day.

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