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CALLING ALL CROWS! Transcribe Help for Crowfall.wiki Needed!


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Hello All! 

I am in the process of tackling one of our more ambitious projects to date for the Crowfall Community. We need your help to make it happen. We are creating a sortable, filterable, list of all things Crowfall; Powers, Races, Classes, Disciplines (eventually even trade skill recipes), you name it. We need your help to transcribe everything from the Crowfall client to the forthcoming application.

I wanted to take a brief moment to explain what the project scope is, so you can understand why it's important we undertake this now.

The Malekai project contains three parts;


MalekaiAPI: This powers both the bot and the Crowfall.wiki website. This API will be made fully available (within reason) to other developers should they want to make use of it. It will contain all of the data we are asking for help gathering; disciplines, powers, races, classes, recipes, etc. https://github.com/TheObsidian/malekaiApi


MalekaiDiscord: a Discord Bot anyone can run on their own (or invite the one that's running right now on the Crowfall Discord). This bot will allow you to link the various Crowfall content directly on your server if you want. This bot also handles notifying the developers (myself and @Michael Fedora that something might contain incorrect data (someone flagged something!). It also allows us to convert any data changes made to the GitHub project immediately into the database (making it live on the API and anything that uses it immediately). https://github.com/TheObsidian/malekaiDiscord


MalekaiWebsite: the Crowfall.wiki front end that will, in theory, give players a more convenient way of accessing data. It'll let you filter, sort, search and more all of the data contained within the public API.


What we are looking for is volunteers to help us transcribe individual powers, disciplines, and the like from Crowfall into our special format of code. We'll need a small army to make this happen quickly, but we are happy to do it on our own (even if it takes us awhile). The last time I needed help, however, the community came out in droves to volunteer. Hopefully, we can duplicate that response this time as well.

Due to the nature of how we setup the data gathering, we are asking anyone interested, to join the Stealthed discord server to get specifics and assignments (@scree tag me when you join!). You can join here, message me on forums or in Discord if you are interested in helping. Your contributions will be noted!

Once this project is launched, we'll make a separate post notifying every one of us attaining that milestone!

Thanks in advance!

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Reposting from reddit so you have my forum name:

I've been looking into building theory craftings tools like skill training planners and character building tools, most likely in a web app. Obviously this will need data. Some peeps from EVE did a stellar job doing stuff like this using CCP's public API. If you're looking to build one, I'm definitely interested.

Do we know for sure the devs themselves won't have a public use API of any sort?

I'll see ya in Discord sometime soon.

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@broot they might, but it's not a high priority in any way, unfortunately. So we're left to make it ourselves...

Unfortunately even the data is hard to get. It's not in the client, so we can't decompile... so we have to transcribe it manually. It's a pain in the butt :P


I'd also love to build a tool like that, and I think that's part of the tooling we'll make (or later down the line; first up is just a generic db/lookup). I think it could be public, or at least we can manually add people to a CORS whitelist (I think I know what I'm doing with that? lol).


Thanks for your interest!

Edited by Michael Fedora

"The enemy has found me, Ulic, but the enemy knows only darkness. I know something that enemy does not… I know the Light." ~ Arca Jeth, Star Wars Legends

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9 minutes ago, Michael Fedora said:

Unfortunately even the data is hard to get. It's not in the client, so we can't decompile... so we have to transcribe it manually. It's a pain in the butt :P


Ooyyyyy, haha alright. Well, yeah, I'll hop in and talk it over with you guys, share intentions and what not. If it sounds like a good fit, we'll join forces!

Edited by broot
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Crowfall.wiki is not running traditional wiki software. Unlike the traditional wiki that lets people edit it, we are writing our own software to showcase the data within the upcoming API. To contribute you can work with us at the outset, or flag outdated data so our staff can find the correct info and fix it.

Due to the fact we are creating an API to share this data with the public, data integrity is our foremost concern. This means the average person could not change the data on a whim. We'll be separating the data json into a separate library soon, and people can commit updates to it when they want to.

So yea, the website is down until we are ready for it ;0

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I think you guys are putting the cart before the horse... Wait till Beta, Alpha at the earliest, before doing stuff like this. It'll be less work if you wait until data isn't in a constant state of flux.

But who am I to stop you? *sips tea*


You Can't Be A Genius, If You Aren't The Slightest Bit Insane.

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@coolster50 has a valid point, lots of things are going to change so fair warning on the workload... But we'd also appreciate having a good information hub sooner rather than later, and you've gotta start somewhere, sometime!


@Pann Now isn't that ironic... Don't ya think? :lol: 

Edited by Xarrayne

P.S. Grr Winterblades 🦌


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While the Wiki will need a lot of updating Crowfall is really needing a up to date wiki. Last time i checked the wiki didnt even have Mirm info.

After all info is online there is no need to try too hard to update it. Just a big pass in major milestones and fixing the occasional flag should do. As long as the info isnt super old it is okay.

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@coolster50 Once the bulk of the data is put into place, making revisions is easy. We also plan on allowing anyone to "flag" content that is wrong or out date from the crowfall.wiki website or from within discord.

The idea is to have the data stored in a single location, but with access points in a variety of places; discord, or crowfall.wiki (or any website that people want to tap into it with).

There is one reason why I'm doing this now. I HATE google doc spreadsheets. It's just absolutely awful for organizing this. I think at last count I had links to 3 separate "recipe" sheets for crafting, all with inaccuracies and no quickly-recognizable way to communicate to the author that it was broken/wrong (nor any expectation they planned on fixing it).

In the end, we'd prefer to tackle the challenges of the infrastructure component right now, and deal with the fact that data is always going to be changing. Even post-launch!

@BarriaKarl This isn't going to be a traditional wiki site. We are not going to have a place for people to submit changes. Due to how many projects potentially touch into this data, we'll accept and encourage notices that data is out of date, but we won't permit people to contribute directly to correcting it. We have a staff of trusted volunteers we plan to tap into to help us gather these changes when necessary. 

@Pann We needed a codename for the project and due to my ::cough:: affiliated organizations, he felt the best to name it after. We are okay he doesn't talk. We just couldn't name a project a "Yaga". 

@Jlane I expect regular contributions and patches pushed to our API client! It's on GitHub for a reason! LOL!

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On 5/23/2017 at 6:46 AM, drunk said:

what wiki software will Crowfall.wiki run?

It's currently down.

You can reach the (current) site with a FQDN of test.crowfall.wiki.

Anyways, this is an exciting project!

Edited by Unapparatus
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