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The Malekai Project (Updated:6/5)


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We are going to be rolling out a more detailed post on Stealthed later this week, but I thought I'd update the community on our long term Project goals. The previous post that was here broke down the specifics on what we are putting into our API, but it's not nearly as useful as where we are going. If you are interested in participating you can check us out on GitHub and if you'd like to contribute head over to the Stealthed Discord server.

Looking forward to hearing feedback and ideas on this ;)

Malekai Project Road Map

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Welcoming suggestions &c!

We're also currently working on a frontend for this where it will be easier to search and lookup info that we have collected. Release TBD!

"The enemy has found me, Ulic, but the enemy knows only darkness. I know something that enemy does not… I know the Light." ~ Arca Jeth, Star Wars Legends

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I'm happy you're using vuejs, it's amazing. I don't have much experience with RethinkDB, but from what I read it's a NoSQL database with a query language similar to that of SQL. I've been meaning to give it a spin, most of my work is done with postgressql.

I'm assuming you have numerous people working on the project, have you considered using a more opinionated backend framework? Adonisjs and featherjs (which is built on top of express and is supposed to be made with real time web app support in mind) are both good alternatives.

Lastly, how "open" will your api be? I might be working on a project that could greatly benefit from it.

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Yea RethinkDB is cool for a few reasons; yes the official for-profit company went bankrupt, but out of that came its asset transfer to GPL license and the open source community. It is a NoSQL database with one particularly nifty feature that got me looking at it. It has something called changefeeds, which basically you can script apps to respond automatically to database changes/inserts/etc. So a push of data, instead of the normal querying or pulling of data.

Not a ton of use right now with a mostly static database, but we have some cool things planned as you can see above that will benefit from this feature.

Right now we plan on allowing anyone to use it within reason (similar to other company API's in terms of throttling requests, etc.) for no cost. These requests will be limited to read-only, of course, and only approved applications (mostly going to be all internal projects for obvious reasons) will be granted write privileges.

I'd recommend joining the discord server too, we have several developers working on Crowfall projects. I'd rather we encourage a community of developers to cooperate, versus creating competing projects if possible. It's unlikely more than one will survive either way. Join up and we'll tag ya as a developer so you can ask around.

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