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Play your way - Official discussion thread

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  • A visibility system, so that you can have better control when sorting or browsing kingdoms to visit, and that will let monarchs raise the visibility of their kingdoms in the Search list

This sounds like a great method to resource dump. 


  • Siege-able castles and fortresses for “private matches” inside of PvP EKs

This was posted on Reddit by Alpine13

"I'm curious if we can add PVP to certain parcels only within the kingdom down the line. Imagine a market kingdom and creating an arena inside a single parcel to practice duels but preventing pvp in the rest of them so people can shop freely. I know most people will probably create kingdoms just for duels but it's a thought."


if we were able to build a siegeable castle on a PvP enabled parcel this would be best, imo.

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I have built a few arenas in my EK, Srathors Playground. Over the last couple of weeks I have had the cap a few times of 2 people in at a time, all having fun, duels, testing different disciplines, and checking out the lands and walls and houses.

It has been a good time, but the pvp'ers are noting that the frame rate with the castle walls and such is much worse than a cleared area. (Of course!)

Come by and visit!


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