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work-around for the harvesting close-up.

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Blair has said they have hidden in little tidbits in the disciplines. One is something to do with casting all the bard songs in 6 sec. and getting an extra boost. Another is to get peripheral vision and it won't do a close up when you harvest a node.



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A Bard/Troubadour songs has a better version if you get the Twisting passive and then get all 4 songs running at once and then do the one again you want the stronger version of. He showed in on Twitch in the last livestream.

I didn't know about the peripheral vision, but that's good to know.

Edit: go to minute 14:00


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Peripheral Vision is a temp workaround to the auto-zoom right now because we can craft it with one ore.

We don't know how hard it will be to acquire that discipline in a real CW - doubt we will have it on day one. I'd rather the auto-zoom just get removed and the Discipline changed into something like a stealther alarm.  "You see someone sneaking up behind you"

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